Sunday Guest Star

Wow!  This was a hard one.  I was found in Rome pretty quickly.  Sophia and the Meezers got that right off but they were not in the right place.  Pixel and Samba invited me over to the Balbi Crypt in Rome.   It is a fascinating place.

Anyway, I’m giving this too Cody and Gracie as the closest cats.  They found a photo that they thought looked like where I was but they said, “Underneath the Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina?”  I wasn’t there but it is at the beginning of the tour where you find this Crypt at the end!  I did not know that or I could have given a better clue when they guessed that.

Even with hints no one got it.  They warned me I might be there for the duration and I said, sometimes it’s good to challenge kitties.  I think I have had only a couple of places were I have not been found so this is one of those times!  Still I liked the look of the place.  Isn’t it cool?

So Samba and Pixel told me it would be  a tough one for you guys but I was hoping you all would come through anyway!  I’ll have to find something a wee bit easier for next time.   Of course this way I got miss out on all the cleaning and packing that went on in preparation for the cleaning and staging next week.



  1. I wish someone had found you but, we would have rescued you if you wanted it. I am sure you had a great time down there. You must have met lots of cool people and cool accents.

  2. We tried our hardest to find you – at least we came pretty close. We are glad you were able to get away from the packing for a little bit of time.

    Cody and Gracie

  3. Oh dear, Chey! I was going to guess the Balbi Crypt because the brick arches looked similar to other pictures I have seen of that site, but I was going by your hints, and don’t think anyone is actually buried there. I think it was the site of the Balbus Theater.

  4. And ‘Kaika I just saw Crypt and assumed it was a burial place!

  5. LOL! But you know, Chey, there are pictures and statues of dead people all over Rome (or so I hear), so in a sense, you really did see dead people!

  6. Doots!

  7. Dang! We missed Find Chey Friday! How’d we do that?? Well, it doesn’t matter, we didn’t know where you were either!!

  8. Yay Cody and Gracie!!!

  9. This was a hard one! I had absolutely no idea! I’m glad you gotted some time away from the chaos at your house.

  10. Hooray for the smart one, they done good!

  11. We hope you didn’t run into the Cryptkeeper while you were in the catacombs. (We wonder why they call it the catacombs? We don’t see cats being combed there.)

  12. WE are just glad that you got home Chey. At least we hope you did since no one actually found you. We sure didn’t have a clue where you were. But it was a lovely place wherever it was. Take care and get rested up after that long trip.

  13. Sometimes it’s better not to be found Chey!
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!

  14. I’m hoping that Truffle and Beignet will be better guessers than I am!

    Mom Paula

  15. This was too tough for us and we’re well traveled. One of the fur gang has even been on a plane 😉

  16. We missed out on finding yoo. :sigh:

  17. You looks like you has a very relaxing time Chey. We is sorry we nots help to get you home.

    We wants to thanks you fur coming to our commintAThone. We gets to gives a donashun to SAS!

    Is you going to the bloggyPaws?

  18. We are glad you got home. That place sorta worried us!!
    Happy Monday at Home!!
    ~ Anna Sue

  19. Cody and Gracie are soooooo smart.
    Miles and I woulda never ever guessed

    Happy Monday to you and your sisfur Gemini and Ichiro too.
    I know they missed you when you were gone on Friday

  20. Fanks for the prayers to bring me home! I wasn’t as far away as Rome but it would probably haf been a lot more fun if I wuz there!
    We had a feeling those beautiful Roman arches had something to do with Rome…

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