ReThinking Cheysuli

Chey considers her optionsIt’s been a tough year. Just when I thought I had cracked the media and was invited on Countdown, the show abruptly went off the air.   Then I was supposed to be interviewed on Ed Schultz but he was suspended and I was cancelled.  Finally, I got on Fox News but then the whole Rupert Murdoch scandal happened they didn’t trust me not to talk about it so I was un-invited.  At the last minute even Bill Maher decided Ann Coulter was a bigger name to guest on his show than I was.

So there I was, a talk with no where to talk.    Even American Idol’s ratings were down without Simon. Where was I going to go for recognition.  Ichiro suggested that last resort of many, crime.  However, as well connected cat like me knows you never ever get caught doing whatever it is you do.  In fact, all the more reason I should be recognized for my philanthropy.

To that end, I have decided to purchase my own television network so that I can create my own news and promote myself.  Who would like to fund this for me?


  1. Jeez, Chey, we don’t know about funding the cost of a TV show for you, but we sure would watch it!!

  2. I know you will find an outlet for your stupendous talent! Maybe current TV? Or Anderson Cooper?

  3. Hi Chey! We think that is a good idea – you could be like the feline Oprah, except you know, cooler. We can’t really contribute financially but once you get it going we will be sure to mention it at our blog a lot – just let us know when it is ready!

  4. That is the best idea yet Chey! I want my Chey-TV!!!

  5. Excellent Idea! Chey-TV!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. What a great idea. Yu will be a huge tv star. We do not have monies to help you kae a show but maybe start with some you tube videos and get the funding.

  7. That sounds like a good idea.
    Then it could be cats 24/7!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  8. Oh, that sounds like fun, Chey. We’d be happy to help fund this but we’re kind of broke. We’d break into Jan’s piggy bank but it’s empty. We’d have to turn to crime and we have this thing about living in kennels. 🙁

  9. We’d watch the CheyChannel! Definitely!

    Could I have my own cooking show? Cheese Dishes with Cory?

  10. Sounds good to us! let us know the channel so we can tune in!!!

    About the white kitty with the striped tail. He actually has two stripes on the back side on one of his front paws. And below every little paw pad he has some black furs. then there are tiny little gray marks on his face near his eyes. He is so adorable! And he has blue meezer eyes!

  11. Sounds like a great idea to me! Of course I can’t help with any funding, but I will soon have two rambunctious kittens that can guest star!

    Mom Paula

  12. Chey, I’m afraid my finances are tied up in funding my own projects – but good luck with yours!

  13. We would help if we could, but Mom locks up the credit cards in her purse, and we can’t unzip it without opposable thumbs.

    Cody and Gracie

  14. Chey TV… we like the sound of that!!!!!!!!
    Funding can be a problem :/
    We would certainly watch 🙂
    Even if you were on regular stations,we would watch !!!!!!!!!
    Good luck Chey!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  15. Podcasts are the way to go now.
    Best wishes on your new endeavor. We know you will always give it your best… that is the way you roll Missie!

    bonks and ps: are you gonna run against Obama? You should sincerely consider that!

    more bonks

  16. that’s a great idea – does it cost more than 8 green papers? Billy would like to be your artistic director.

  17. Chey TV, huh? Would be more interesting than anything on currently, or so the mom says. We don’t watch TV and she usually only watches news and “educational” stuff. BORING.

  18. Maybe Oprah can help to finance the tv network for you. We would surely watch. Maybe you can have an entire program devoted to Find Chey Fridays, and an American Cat Idol show.

  19. We would love to see you with your own TV network, Chey. We might even convince mom to sign up for cable, because then we would have something interesting to watch.

    We’re not good at coming up with enough funds for your needs though, Chey. We looked everywhere in da house, but did not find any – lots of other things, but no funds.

    Nice portrait of you Chey, could use it for fund raising promotion.

    All the best from all of us.

  20. It might be easier if you have an interactive show on DISH Network or DirecTV. They’re always looking for new content for their interactive channels. And, if your show does well, then it’s the Cheysuli Meezer Channel.

  21. All Chey, All the Time! I am FOR that!

  22. The CAT networkl? Chey Always Television! Yep we would watch, no green papers to buy it for you.

  23. A new TV mogul is born! We’ll supply the kibbles for the first cat breakfast meeting!

  24. Concats re Meowism!!!! I got your newsletter!

  25. We’d watch CheyTV 24/7. Who about starting having a Youtube channel?

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