Find Chey Friday (Finally)

Well I’m off to travel again.   I mean who wouldn’t after all the stuff going on at home.  Even if the house doesn’t sell the whole staging thing has gotten on my last nerve!  So I’ve been looking for a quiet place.  This did seem like it until all those tourists came by.  Now as I rouse myself, how do I get out of here and how do I get home.  Perhaps if I could remember where I started?

Can you help?

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  1. I am stumped, Chey. I hope somebody finds you soon so you don’t have to stay in that awkward position forever.

  2. I’m guessing you’re in the Portland underground tunnels, but I don’t think they are that clean!

  3. No idea Chey, but that place looks a little creepy 😉

  4. Very intriguing, Chey. We wish we could help but NO IDEA!!!
    The Chans

  5. Your on a StairMaster????

  6. We will take a wild guess and say the colosseum aqueducts

  7. Sophia is the closest, although technically that is not right but she is in the right country and area and maybe even city…

  8. we is thinking that you was under that place in rome where the lions were kept.

  9. Oh dear! We do not know where you are, but you look a bit uncomfortable!
    Hope you find your way home very soon.
    Happy Weekend (hopefully at home!)
    ~ Malachi and The Bunch

  10. PSST Miles–I think that was the colosseum… but you do have the city correct…

  11. Gosh, we sure don’t know where you are and can’t wait to find out. That looks like a really interesting place. Hope someone finds you soon. Sounds like there are a couple of people really close. Have yourselves a super week end.

  12. We don’t think it’s the underground catacombs in Rome, but could it be the aquaduct or the sewer system?

    Cody and Gracie

  13. No but you have the right idea.

  14. Wow! Good stumper, Chey, and welcome back to being lost. I’m going to guess you’re in the are of the aqueducts at Ostia Antica.

  15. Make that “area” not “are.”

  16. ‘Kaika I am not familiar enough with the area to say how close you are but I am not there.

  17. Underneath the Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina?

    Cody and Gracie

  18. P.S. It looks a lot like this picture.

  19. Alas much of Rome must look like that! No that link is not exactly where I am! I think I see dead people…

  20. The catacombs?

  21. It would be an appropriate place for a cat, wouldn’t it? But no. I think there is just one dead person here…

  22. Is there where you go to play Dungeons & Dragons?

  23. Is it part of Nero’s Golden House?

  24. Eric and Flynn-not to my knowledge. He is not the dead guy down here. And Daisy–wouldn’t that be so cool?! We should!

  25. It’s going to take ALOT of carpet to cover THOSE stairs. Those Romans really like their carpeting. Good luck with the measuring.

  26. The Vatican catacombs?

  27. I am certain it is someone catacomb but not the Vatican. Well it’s only one guy’s place to I guess I only see dead PERSON (at least there is only one name on it–maybe he was many people?)

  28. Chillaxing with Caeser?

  29. Is it the Catacombe of San Sebastian in Rome? Or another Saint?

  30. No. Let’s see, it is now a small museum. I am in the working archeological area. It is a place not many tourists visit so it’s kind of quiet down here.

  31. Can we give a hint?

  32. Oh please do! 🙂

  33. Sorry Chey, we cannot find you.
    Maybe someday Mom will get a decent,faster internet connection
    We hope you get found and do not become part of the archeologial landscape!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  34. The location was mentioned and seen on a Episode of ” Cities of the Underground”. And if Chey would like we can tell you which Episode

  35. Please do. I hinted at Cities of the Underground on Facebook but I don’t think anyone picked it up.

  36. It looks like a bodega. But maybe it’s just that we’re thirsty? MOL!

  37. The episode name is ” Gladiator: Blood Sport” Side note, The lady in the film who shows the host the site is also the lady who did the tour for our Human mom and dad…

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