Cat Talk Time

Gemini is a MeatloafMeatloaf

(Well did you think I was going to Puffalo again?)

And that’s today’s Word for Cat Talk Tuesday


  1. what a cute meatloaf!

    I think my favorite cat talk words today are “furriends” and “purrayers.”

    Mom Paula

  2. We hadn’t heard that word either until we got on the CB. We also like furriends and purrayers. One of our favorites is the hot as hell box thanks to Millie.

    Cody and Gracie

  3. Yum, yum. And this “meatloaf” was NOT made from leftovers. It’s an original recipe!

  4. That’s a good one, Gemini!!

  5. “Meatloaf” is a good word, and you’re demonstrating the pose purrfectly!

  6. Mom loves “meatloaf”! Ha! Her first cat and our guardian angel Morgan ::bows head in honor:: was mom’s meatloaf cat.

    Thanks for reminding us of kitty meatloaf Gemini!

  7. That was purrfect!!!

  8. Meatloaf position – good one. Mom calls that our breadloaf position!!

  9. Alfie does “meatloaf” quite often!

  10. what a great meatloaf!!!!

  11. Love that word meatloaf and what a good picture too. Now we haven’t heard Puffalo before. That is a good one too. This has been such a good learning experience today. Have a fantastic Tuesday.

  12. And a furry cute meatloaf you are, too!

  13. Good word, we forgot that one!

  14. Either way, we love your floofy furs.

  15. That’s what I like about you Gemini — you get right to the point. You are a zesty meatloaf, that’s fur sure!

  16. Gemini, you look like one spicy meatloaf!

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