The Book of Gemini Chapter 1

So I said I would talk about Cheysuli’s new religion.   But I talked to Momma because I said, “Momma some of my friends will probably be offended because they take their beliefs quite seriously.”

Momma told me that it would be okay because everyone knew Cheysuli was not really a God.

And I said, “No Momma I think that someone thinks she’s a God.”

Momma laughed and said that Ichiro no longer worshipped her.

And I said, “Oh no.  I know that!  But Cheysuli thinks she’s a God and if she finds out she isn’t she might try and starve herself again.”

Momma said, “Gemini, she’s a cat.  Of course she thinks she’s God and she would be right.  Don’t you think you’re God?”

And I said, “Should I?”

And Momma said, “OF course you should Gemini.   Every cat has a spark of the divine in them.  When you understand that you know that you are part of god.”

And I said, well that’s wonderful Momma.  But how is it that Cheysuli is going to be the head of a religion if we are all god ourselves?

Momma said, “Well Gemini sometimes those who feel most needy and apart from their divinity need the most reassurance they are divine so we will let her think she is founding a religion.”

And I said, “Oh Momma! You are so wise!”

We are thrilled that we have gotten some new subscribers and Cheysuli will talk about how many on Thursday as we count them up and send off some money!


  1. Oh, Miss Gemini, I think you are very wise, too!

  2. Happy Independence Day. May you have no big fireworks to scare you and lots of treats from the BBQ!

    We think if anyone is divine, it’s you kitties.

  3. Your Mommy is very wise.

    Fenris thinks Artemisia and Mommy are gods, he worships those two. Silly doggie.

  4. Gemini, this was very interesting to read. I hope there will be more chapters from both Ichiro and you.

  5. We think it’s fun to humor Chey, so we are playing along…I mean joining her religion…

  6. Your mom is furry wise, Gemini!

  7. We like the Book of Gemini! Lots of wisdom in it!

  8. I agree, you are a wise one too sweet Gemini!

  9. We think all of you are very wise and are very interested in how this is going to progress. We think all cats are Gods and are definitely in charge. Take care.

  10. Our team gives you our vote for wisdom and diplomacy.

  11. CONGRATS our mom was thinking of buying one of those… Please let us know how you like it… We are all kind of big kitties… Candy is large and long- but only 12 pounds everyone else is 15-17 pounds. XO SO happy for you cats!!!

  12. Miss Gemini
    I think you’re a Goddess!


  13. Hahameow…Teri says she prays every morning that Disco doesn’t step right on her bladder…does that mean she is praying to God, too?

  14. Gemini you are a furry wise kittie.

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