Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that I finally got this string!  And I am being played with.

I am not so thankful that the Woman will be leaving me alone with the Male AGAIN this weekend.   I would be so thankful if he left me alone with her though, but unfortunately that does not seem destined to happen.

One of these days I can only hope that the Woman gets off her rear and takes a photo of me in the bed I won at Modern Cat because it’s pretty cool.   I am thankful that I got it.  Now if only she would show it off!


  1. Well, at least ya got a chance ta play with the string. We KNEW Ichiro would leave it eventually!

  2. I am so glad that you finally got that string. It’s just not fair that the Woman is always leaving you with the Male, but not the other way around. You seriously need to have a long talk with her about that.

  3. Chey, that was a good catch of the string!! And we wanna see your bed!! Get that woman off her butt and take a picture!! 😉

  4. We want a photo! We Want A Photo! WE WANT A PHOTO!!!!!!!

  5. What is it…some sort of conspiracy to get you and the male to “bond”? Why else would your mom leave you again…so soon…sigh.

  6. Yes, we all want to see that photo! But that string is darn nice!

  7. Come read our news today and you’ll be even more grateful.

  8. That is definitely a great looking string. We sure would like to see that bed too. I bet it is terrific . Sorry to hear the woman is leaving you again. But think of the fun when she comes back. Take care and have a fun day.

  9. Chey, I love you – you are always only JUST so thankful, and not an ounce more!

  10. What’s with the people going places? I know it’s the summer and all, but this is getting ridiculous. I hope the Man at least plays with the string some.

  11. Oh dear Chey!
    We are sorry the Woman is going away again.
    But good thing is she will be back!
    Helllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.


  12. Maybe if you go and pose in it? Have a nice time with the male; and be sure to ask for treats!

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