Thankful Thursday

Some things you are less thankful for than others.   Like Ichiro catching the string.  At least he isn’t on my head.  I guess I am thankful.  But man-I coulda had it!

Like the string, I am less than ecstatic the Woman will be gone this weekend.   I am stuck with the Male.   The pet sitter may not compare to the Woman but she sure as heck beats the heck out of the Male except she’s not around enough.   The good news is that I don’t have to go traveling.   I think many of you have guessed that all that travel and getting lost gets tiring and I’ll be glad of the rest.  I will actually have two weeks of rest as she’s gone (for a shorter time) the following week as well.

This weekend she will be in Portland for Acupuncturists without Borders training.   She thought about bringing Cory a sock but sometimes seminars get to be so much she really just likes to hang and do nothing in the evenings!   She has some website business to the evening before so she will be sockless.   The next weekend she is just running down for a friend’s 60th birthday!


  1. Poor Chey ~ it’s gonna seem like yoor mom is away for ever!

  2. Hopefully the Male will give you some fishy flakes, Chey. I think the rest from traveling will do you good.

  3. Chey, our mom is leaving us for a few days next week too…our dad will be taking care of us…and we use that term loosely because he doesn’t take care of us nearly as well as our mom…so we know how you feel.

  4. We are so lucky, our Mom stays home all the time. We hope all goes well for you and the Male Person. Be sure to annoy him a lot and then maybe he will give you lots of treats. Take care.

  5. Oh dear Chey, maybe you could pack up you know who and send him along with Mom!

  6. you can come and rest here if you want

  7. Awwwww!!! No string and now no Mom!!!!
    Not a lot to be thankful for.
    Not having Ichiro jump on your head does qualify though 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  8. Uh oh Miss Gemini are you going to be OK with the woman away?
    Do you need someplace to stay?
    You can always visit here with me!


  9. Chey, you are welcome to come and hang out with us if you want!

  10. Your pet sitter sounds nice, but you should still sulk when the survunts come back. It’s all part of cat discipline.

    We’ve got a new kitten. Come and see?

  11. You deserve the rest Chey. We know how tiring it must be to keep getting lost as we get worn out trying to find you. Don’t worry though because we will keep persevering. Can you believe our Humans are leaving us again next week for 3 days again! They only got back last Sunday. Maybe rules against desertion of us cats could be written in to Meowism.

  12. ::sniff::




  13. Poor Chey! You are motherless and stringless! Things couldn’t get much worse. But if you are patient, you will eventually PURRevail.

  14. Ya can probably use the rest from getting lost so much. We hope ya got yer turn with the string later…

  15. Hope you will be OK with the sitter and The Male. We think they will take very good care of you!
    Happy Weekend, and you can teleport over here and stay with us if you miss your Mom too much.
    ~ The Bunch

  16. Make sure your sitter plays with you a lot and be glad you don’t have to travel on a noisy, ear-popping airplane. We did and never again!

  17. We hope you have made through the weekend unscathed with the Male, Chey, and we hope your Mom had a great time on her trip, too!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  18. Hope your mom has a good time with her needles and you with your mini-vacation from the male.

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