Tabby Tuesday

Who cares if we blog.  We never even get awards any more.  “Momma,” I said, “Aren’t I supposed to be writing about Meowism some more?”

And Momma said “Gemini if you want to write about Meowism you can, but you do not have to.”

And I thought, I could write about Meowism. There are some good things in it.  But why should I write about something for Cheysuli when I can write about me? And then I realized I did not know what to write about me! Momma was gone this weekend so I was very stressed out.   I am watching Ichiro in this photo to be sure he does not pounce on me. I have a big hiss when he does.

Momma is thinking about moving Chey to the main site, so at some point we will be moving our rss feed to  Momma thinks she will keep both for awhile and then move to just the   Traffic is not what it was and she is not really making anything from her affiliate networks.  She is actually thinking about just letting the whole mysiamese site disappear rather than renewing the name. She says Chey can participate just by being on facebook!  But I said I am not on facebook and Momma said I would have to share Chey’s page!  Anyway, Momma is feeling particularly discouraged as she always wanted to be a writer but apparently she is not good enough to write anything of any interest.


  1. Gemini, please tell Momma how much we enjoy reading your blog. We are not on Facebook and intend never to be. We will be very sad if the blog just disappears!
    Sorry Ichiro jumps you. Siblings can be a pain. I know.

  2. We understand about a discouraged human and discouraging numbers. They seem to be going around like a virus. We like your mom’s writing and hope she won’t give up on blogging.

  3. Well – we love reading all about your adventures sunshine and we think your mom is a wonderful writer. Just so you know – we’ll visit you here or on Facebook. Please give your mum some head bonks from us.

  4. Listen, Gemini, tell your mummy it takes time to build traffic online and it very rarely pays even then. I earn my living no problem from print sales and the blog is just a hobby. A hobby that eats time in return for paying off with the (very occasional) commission. If you want to write for $$$, go to print publications!

  5. Gemini, I have to say, it is not easy being a writer on the internet! My human has been writing professionally for a quarter of a century (she did not like that I said that), and I am famous and have won awards and it is tough for us too! We work very hard at it, especially my human because she does not want a “day job!” I think you should keep the blog, as not all your followers have Facebook accounts, and you should use FB and Twitter to drive traffic to the blog. Once my human gets the website to her boutique publishing company up, she plans to write a bunch of helpful posts about writing and ebooks and blogs, etc. Is your human coming to BlogPaws? Maybe your human and mine can do some brainstorming.

  6. Beau beau an angie says:

    Hi Gemini, Tell yur Mom she can be anything she wants to be! If writing is her passion and she thinks about a lot and makes a plan, like “I will write a Squillion posts or efun better, a book about Gemini” den wondrous fings will start to happen! Sometimes just making the change or deciding to change will make fing start to happen. Blogs are still being written effuryday. FB ends up being a time waster lots of times. Jus sayin.

  7. Yep, it sure is tough out there trying to make money, I would hate to see your blog go away but we will follow you where ever you roam!

  8. We hope you do what you want. Sometimes it is hard to decide, tho!
    Happy Tuesday,
    ~ Phillip

  9. It is all very discouraging that is for sure. Our Mom wants to write too. We liked what Sparkle said about maybe an website that would help us wana be writers. One thing that is so hard is that there are so many animal writers that it is hard to find an good and interesting thing to write about. I still think writing about our own cats etc. is really good.
    We sure hope your blog doesn’t go away. I have to agree with what everyone said about Facebook. Anyway, we sure hope you continue.

  10. We can’t afford to go out to Virginia. We applied to be a speaker so we could go but we were told we did not have enough experience to speak there–apparently doing WordPress since it was created means we do not have enough experience.

  11. We LOVE reading yoor blog! Fact!

    Mom is on FB herself now so we sneak on to her page now and again ~ but really FB is her space. She only joined about 10 weeks ago ~ she thinks she was the last person on the planet to join! So at least if your mom decides … we can still read your posts.

  12. PS: Mom said FB is easier than blogging but she doesn’t want to lose all her friends who are not on FB, by using FB for us instead of a blog. She HAS thought about it though … :sigh:

  13. Gemini, we sure hope you and your Mommy don’t go away…we love your blog and only use FB as a last resort for visiting. Plus a lot of folks cruise blogs at work (shocking, we know) and FB is a restricted site on most company PCs…
    Our traffic is way down recently, and we notice there are a lot of bloggers missing. We think it must be summer, and hope to see our friends back in the Fall. Plus, who’s gonna find CHEY?

  14. The thing that keeps my mom continually helping me with my bloggie is that she always remembers the purpose…that is to document our furry lives so she always remembers the little things along the way. When we started the blog, we had just experienced the loss of 4 of our furry family. Colby, Mikey, Benjamin and Lewis passed away within 6 months of each other and mom was devastated. We wanted to document everything and share ourselves with the world. We had no idea of a Cat Blogosphere so that was never the motivation.

    My mom wants to write too, but thinks that when she finally does pursue it, the road to success with not be about us kitties…sigh.

  15. We have always noticed a drop in visits to our blog in the summer and more so since Google Reader is so popular. Plus a lot of friends just lurk and don’t comment all the time. We LOVE Friday posts of Where’s Chey! Sometimes we stay up very late on Thursday night to see if it gets posted early to maybe give us an edge of finding her. But, we are very clueless so it doesn’t help really, but it is so much fun! We love you guys!

  16. Don’t be discouraged. I always enjoy your posts. I just think time is so hard to come by right now.

  17. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

    We would hate to see you disappear from the blogging world. We don’t FB or Twitter. Our traffic is always up and down. B-Days and Gotcha Days, Meezer Colors Day are our best traffic days.

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