Meezer Mancat Monday

Cheysuli  said I did not have to write more about Meowism if I didn’t want to. And as it’s her stuff, I didn’t want to.  Although I will say I don’t think my people should be allowed to leave me.  I feel very strongly about that.  I missed my Momma!

I don’t care if that makes me a Momma’s boy.  If I ever stop sitting on Chey’s head and decide to explore the possibility of  girl cats, well they’ll just have to accept that about me.



  1. You can do whatever you like, Ichiro. As if anyone could stop you. 🙂

    We’ve been to vote for Chey’s Meowism. Wow, it’s no. 4!!! Power to the kitties!

  2. Ichiro, it is purrfectly OK to miss your Mom!!!!
    We all still miss Mom when she is not here 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  3. I am a Momma’s Boy too, Ichiro. It is perfectly acceptable.

  4. Ichiro, like all cats yoo are a free spirit ~ so yoo can do wotever the purr yoo want! Smoochies.

  5. Tamir is a Momma’s boy too. There’s nothing wrong with that. We know the girlcats will love you no matter what!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Ichiro, we don’t think the girlcats will mind that you’re a momma’s boy. Because y’know what?? ::whisper:: We’re momma boys’ too!!

    Wally & Ernie

  7. Ichiro, we confess we’re also mom’s boys…But then, we have only the mom anyway. LOL. It’s purrfectly natural to miss her!

  8. you go right ahead an’ be a momma’s boy–girlcats like it when boycats are kind an’ respectful to mommas!!

  9. Hey, you will learn that as a Mancat you can do whatever you please!!!

  10. Ichiro, we love that picture of you. Is someone getting ready to whap you?? Nothing wrong with missing your Mom. All of us boys here miss our Mom when she goes to the grocery story. But then we have to eat every 60 seconds so she has to be here to feed us. Take care.

  11. Did Chey say something to offend you? You look offended.

    If it’s your post, you can say whatever you want.

  12. We say there is nothing wrong with being a mama’s boy. Hansel, is a daddeh’s boy. Except the last few months while mom has been pregnant- hansel has been her boy. But, we are sure once baby is out, he’ll go back to loving dad the best.

  13. Innerestin pose there, Ichiro. Is there blowy-air hittin yer back?

  14. Ichiro, we are all Mommy’s boys, except Felix…and he begs for luvvins too! It merely means you understand women.

    Mommy: ha ha ha!

  15. Kit is a mama’s boy too. Nothing wrong wif that!

  16. Nigel and Figaro are momma’s boys too. It’s a very manly thing to be.

  17. We all proud mancat momma’s boys. And anyway, on Man Cat Mondays it’s MANdated: you do as you please!

  18. Ichiro, you have things the wrong way around. Mancats are supposed to jump on girl kitties’ backs — not on their heads. That’s what Dylan does to my Domino — with screeching results.

    I sure hope I haven’t given you any ideas, though.

  19. Look at that fur.

  20. Ichiro, I’m sure your mom missed you as much as you missed her!

    So sorry I missed “Find Chey Friday” because I would have recognized the Biltmore House!

    Mom Paula

  21. Ichiro
    Being a Momma’s boy is a good thing!

    Helllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

  22. Geez, MAN UP you little weenie cat!

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