Found Chey Friday

Well I think everyone should find me this week.  I am in my own bed enjoying myself!  What a way to spend a Friday.  The Woman is still here but the Male is home, which I find very annoying.   And the Woman is getting nothing done with him home.   Such a waste.   Saturday she leaves once again for a birthday party which is being held in Portland.  I hate being left alone.  A new bed that I won from Modern Cat does not make up for her absence.

Do not worry, I shall loose myself again next Friday and we will be back to our regular blogging schedule.  I know you love getting featured as the smart cat of the week around here!

Found Chey Friday has been a special edition of Find Chey Friday.


  1. Hi Chey, you look great in that cool bed! So, you are gonna be alone…..come over to our house, Mom will never notice there is one more of us…..giggle=^Y^=

  2. Chey, I think you are at home in your bed!!

    I like special editions. Good luck getting through the weekend.

  3. You look very lovely and comfy in your own bed, Chey. But you must have the Woman make it up to you when she returns. The Right Paw of Bast should never be abandoned.

  4. Guess you need a rest after all that travelling and getting lost on the way.
    Have a relaxing weekend.
    Always a bummer when the mom has to leave home for whatever reason.
    Mine is going to abandon me soon :(.

  5. Chey,we will purr for you this weekend.
    It will be hard without your Mom, so make sure
    you get lots of attention when she comes back !!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  6. Chey, sorry your Woman is leaving you this weekend. But at least you have that pretty cool bed to hang out on. You can scratch and snooze at the same time…two of my favorite things to do!!


  7. It must be such a relief to you to be able to relax in your lovely new bed Chey, and not to have to worry if someone will be able to find you.

  8. I don’t want to be a fried hot dog, either! Thank goodness for a/c. It is supposed to be 103 degrees F today, that is before the humidity. ACK! Thank goodness PlusOne is home today and mom already put the a/c on it the living room!

    Hey, I found you, You’re right there! hahahaha


  9. That is an interesting bed for sure Chey. We will teleport right over there to your house so you won’t be lonely but you might be sorry. There are a whole bunch of us. You would probably rather be alone even if the woman is gone. She had better bring you back some good stuff. Have a nice week end at home. Take care.

  10. Chey, thank you for having a week where we KNOW where you are!

  11. What a cool looking bed, Chey!!!!!!!!!!

    What a bummer that you are going to be left alone……..we’re sure you’ll sleep lotz, so we are purring that you will have nothing but sweet dreams, and that your time alone will pass quickly.


  12. How exciting, that’s the first time I actually really knew where you were!!!

  13. Your new bed looks very comfy.

    Yes, we would love being the smart cat of the week, but alas we are dumb bunnies around here. Mommy says Fenris is the only one smart enough to come in out of the rain. MOL, we thinks she is insulting us.

  14. Hey, one that we had a chance of guessing! hahahaha!

    We’re sorry you’ve been left alone with the Male. srsly.

  15. Does that Woman ever sit still? It’s a good thing the Man is around, I tell you.

    It sounds to me like you’re being bribed with a new bed and all. Oh well, might as well make the most of it. Have a great weekend!

  16. Sorry your human is going away this weekend, Chey. 🙁

    But that bed is da bomb, dude. Enjoy!

  17. Well, at least we all guess right about where ya are this week! DO try ta enjoy yer fancy new bed though…

  18. Very cool bed, gorgeous Chey!…We hope you and your adorable siblings have a happy weekend=glad you stayed home to enjoy the a/c instead of getting lost in this terrible heatwave, sweetie!!…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. How nice to see you found before you’ve been lost this week. Looks like something went right for you.

  20. I am proud to have finally found you, Chey! Even if you are not at Disneyland.

  21. Ola Chey! You iz in a verry comfy colorfull bedz. I tink I wouldz likes one of doze too.
    Tanks fur your dear wordz fur Angel Auntie Stinkie… she didz find Georgia at da Bridge.
    We haz a new soup-prize at our housey. ow yu canz comizerate.

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