Find Chey Friday

Gotta love a good place to stretch in the sunshine. You’d think I could see where I wanted to go from here, but I guess not.   Once again I appear to be lost…

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  1. Whoa Chey, we don’t know where you are, but please be careful up there, okay?
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  2. Nice napping spot!

  3. We have no idea either, but are glad you seem to be enjoying your sunbath…

  4. That bit of rock was shaped just for you Chey. We have no idea where you are.

    Thank you for the purrs for Whicky. We miss him very much.

    Gerry & Oliver

  5. you look like you’re maybe at west rock in new haven ct, but we’s shur that’s just wrong. but that’s our bestest guess. see, we TOLD you we’re too stoopid for this game. MOL

  6. hahahaha! Your’re a rock star Chey!!!!!



  7. Oh Chey, we don’t know where you are…as usual.

  8. Where are you, Chey? In BOULDER, Colorado???? LOL!
    Sorry, that’s the best I could do.

  9. Is that Good Old Rocky Top!

  10. To get into the spirit of today’s commenters, we would stay “Stonehenge” but of course we know it isn’t….

    The Chans

  11. What a cute photo!!!!!!!!!!


  12. About the only place in our very flat and boring state that has any sort of rocks is Starved Rock State Park, but we know you aren’t there.

    Hope someone finds you soon, Chey, or you will be starvin’ for sure!

  13. So far no one is really close. I am in the US so I guess in that sense a couple of you have gotten the right country!

  14. Pikes Peak?

    Bar Harbour Maine?

    That looks like a very comfy ledge though. Be careful rollong over


  15. Between a rock and a hard place? You blended in so well we had to biggify the picture to see you.

  16. We were gonna guess Starved Rock park too! Lately Mommy can’t even find her sanity so we’re not too sure about finding you, Chey!

  17. It’s not Colorado, at least that’s what we think. Here are our guesses:

    Egypt – my guess is the beginning of the Grand Canyon donkey ride.
    Midnight – my guess is a hiking trail on the Appalachian Trail.
    Maxie – Acadia National Park in Maine.
    Tuxie – it’s either Denali National Park in Alaska or somewhere closer to your home, like near Port Angeles, Washington.

  18. Midnight is in the general region although I am not on the trail (to my knowledge).

  19. Are you in Tenneessee?

  20. Or Nprth Carolina?

  21. I think you’re somewhere in the Smokey Mountains in NC near Asheville, NC.

    Mom Paula

  22. NC and closer to Tennessee I think than Asheville.

  23. we are going to guess the white moutains in NH near where the ” old man in the moutain ” was

  24. Gee!!!! We;re in good company 🙂
    We’re not the only ones “lost” as to where you are Chey!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  25. ::chirp::

    ::starts singing::

    On top of old smokey
    All covered with cheese
    I found my old sock toy
    When sniffing the breeze

    oh wait, this is supposed to be about you Chey…

    I thought I saw Chey friend
    Wanting flakies de fish
    She passed out from waiting
    With nothing in her dish


  26. Are you on the trail to Table Rock, Linville NC?

  27. Nope Simba. I am not sure where Linville is so I won’t give more clues than that. And I must say that I am a bit disturbed by Cory’s song…

  28. Are you in the Great Smokies?

  29. Chey
    As usual we have no idea!
    We hope younger found soon so you can go home!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  30. Are you somewhere on the Appalachian Trail in NC?

  31. I’m not on a trail to my knowledge. Gosh I wish I could ski…

  32. Wow, we’re not the only ones who don’t know where you are!!

    On the other paw, we’re a little “concerned” about Cory’s song too!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  33. Chey, I think you are hinting with the mention of skiing, so I am going to guess you are at Big Cataloochee Mountain in the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.

  34. Or it could be Sugar Mountain in North Carolina. Just having fun guessing.

    Mom Paula

  35. Praline is closer than Simba and I’d have to travel to ski from where I am. It was just this touristy place I stopped off at!

  36. We has to follow along with Mom Paula, acuz she’s smart. We fink its the Ship Rock area in Boone, NC. Jus make sure yoo make yer way to the saloon after fer some kitty milk Chey!

  37. As Molly and Co suggest, are you near Boone NC, or maybe Blowing Rock, NC? Some sort of lookout that people could walk to from their car?

  38. Ah Simba!!! FINALLY!!! Blowing Rock!!!

  39. I was worried about you getting cold or hot out there after so long!
    Now that I know you are at Blowing Rock, I have looked it up and it is an interesting place! When you visited was the road between Asheville and Knoxville closed due to rock slides? It was closed for any months about a year and a bit ago.

  40. Rats! Late to the party again. You know what they say…you snooze you lose… 😉

  41. Hope someone can find you Chey, don`t count on us, we`re hopless.

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

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