Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that all of you were willing to vote for me as President of the World Bank.  Alas, that president is appointed rather than elected and personally I am content to be the Right Paw of Bast because then I am in charge of virtually everything.  If only people would notice and listen.  Perhaps you can persuade them?

I am not so thankful that Ichiro is insisting upon sharing my chair.   This was only a few months ago but I think he takes up even more space now.


  1. You should be in charge of the cold storage facilities, Chey. That would put all the lamb under your paw.

  2. Yeah, Marley is twice the size he was when he first arrived! We think that is unfair advertising!!! TBT introduced him saying “See, he is a little cat. No problem at all”. Then he gets bigger evry day!

  3. When I came home, I was small and I stayed small. I got cheated!

  4. It’s only fair yoo are in charge Chey ~ then yoo can tell Ichiro wot to do!

  5. Ichiro doesn’t mind sharing as long as he gets most of the chair, we see!

  6. Oh Chey, we just don’t know what you are going to do with that Ichiro. Maybe you should go find a chair just for you Chey. Hope all of you have a good day.

  7. right, as the right paw of Bast you akshually haf MORE control ofur the green papers!

  8. efen though we isn’t meezers, we will go where the right paw of bast directs us. (however, we ARE cats–so we qualify that wif a “when we wanna”.)

  9. We agree, Chey. Ruler of the world sounds good.

    That Ichiro is a BIG BOY!!!

    The Chans

  10. There are always those that want to share seats!
    Happy Thursday to you all..
    ~ The Bunch with Phillip

  11. I think you in charge is very comforting!

  12. What is it with mancats anyway…all of my brothers are HUGE! Figgy is the smallest at 14 pounds.

    Ginger is a BIG girl, but the rest of us girls are either normal sized or delicate and petite like me.

    xoxo Cory

  13. Meezer mancats of the world unite!

  14. Oh dear–I hope they don’t unite against me!

  15. Maybe you should introduce Ichiro to the Right Paw of Bast!

  16. What I meant to say was “Maybe you should introduce Ichiro to the right paw of the Right Paw of Bast!”

  17. Can’t blame you…I don’t even want to share breathing space with Buddah…

  18. We agree, you should definitely be the right paw of bast. We missed voting for you for President because our silly mum has got so far behind with her reader that she was going to mark as read all posts more than a week old, and then she clicked wrong and removed all of them.

  19. I think you should be in charge of the world!

  20. Chey
    With you in charge we’d all be better off.

    Hellllllllllllllloooo sweet Gemini. We are all taking turns taking care of Daddy. He needs lots of help right now.


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