Thankful Thursday

Alas the Woman has no recent photos of me and any of the other cats so she put in a photo of Ichiro from when she was taking photos of the new bathroom.  I am not sure that this makes me very thankful.

I would be far more thankful if they started in on Ichiro scandals but so far he has done nothing scandalous and if he does they all think he is so cute and refuse to believe, no matter what I say.

At any rate, I am getting a newsletter. Did you notice on there?  It will come out about once a month to start and highlight my activities and anything really newsworthy that the Woman puts on the main My Siamese site as well.   We hope to have auctions up there but need someone who has a little tech savvy and something to auction off (or someone really patient) who is willing to work out the bugs for us on that part of it.  If your human fits that bill let us know–otherwise we might have to go find someone and pick on them!


  1. Yeah, Chey, I hope your human does not expect you to be thankful for putting Ichiro’s photo on today’s post!

  2. Poor Chey, the ultimate insult to have Ichiro’s pic instead of yours. What form will your revenge take?

  3. I feel for you Chey! Especially when that SS of mine is cooing over how gorgeous and cute Ichiro is. Watch out he doesn’t take over your blog entirely.

  4. Chey, yoo gotta stamp yoor paw down! It’s not fair Ichiro’s pic being on yoor post (even if he is cute!)

  5. Goodness Chey, we cannot believe you let that happen, to have Ichiro’s picture here. Your newsletter sounds very interesting. Take care and have super day.

  6. We think that’s soooo wrong! We would certainly be very vocal about that (as only a siamese can!) and let your Mom know how you feel.

    We would like to know more about the auctions!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. It will be okay Chey, since he is standing in for you anytime there is trouble he can take the blame!

  8. Oh man, Chey…we can’t believe you got replaced by Ichiro today.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes too!!


  9. Gee, a pic of your little brother instead of a new one of you 😮
    We would be cheesed off too :/ (even if he is cute)
    A newsletter sounds pretty cool though 🙂 We look forward to to it soon 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  10. Can’t believe there’s a picture of Ichiro on your post! Unacceptable! I think you should demand a redo. Looking forward to your newsletter!

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