Tabby Tuesday

Cheysuli has decided to go public with her own religion, Meowism.   Apparently now I have to talk about it and so does everyone else. In fact, in honor of Meowism, the entire month of July will be about it.   On Tuesdays we will have readings from the book of Gemini.   Mondays will be from the book of Ichiro and Wednesdays will be Words Directly from Cheysuli.  If you have a book you would like to write or a letter to someone about what you learn about Meowism (after you have been properly instructed, of course) we shall be collecting the best evangelical letters to the humans on how to be better Meowists.

If you tired of all this Meowism stuff, do not worry.  This blog will not just become about Meowism.  We will still spearhead the celebrations and such for those who are followers but Momma may start Meowism’s own blog.

And yes, that is me in that photo. Momma was trying to be slightly artistic but I do not think I need artfulness to look pretty, do you?



  1. You look stunning, Gemini!

    Are you telling us that Cheysuli has actually approved Ichiro as a prophet of Meowism? MeowZA!

    The Chans

  2. Wow, I see Chey has a new angle on World Domination!

  3. Meowism…we may need to convert! From what, we don’t know!!

  4. This should be interesting! We might have to convert too, though we’re not into organized religion ourselves. 😀

    And Gemini, you don’t need a thing to look gorgeous — you’re purrfect the way you are, no “arty” photos necessary!

  5. Has Chey looked into starting her own televised show to spread the meow about Meowism? I hear it’s a good way to start an empire.

  6. You’re a cutie fur sure Gemini!

  7. Gemini, we think you are totally gorgeous. Never mind all that artsy stuff. We will be interested in this meowism to see what it is. Sounds like good stuff. Take care.

  8. Meowism. Hmmm…this should be interesting.

    Gemini dear, you’re beautiful already. You don’t need any artistic touches!

  9. Gorgeous Gemini! I can’t wait to learn more about Meowism!

  10. You look very pretty in your off-kilter picture, Gemini. It just shows how adaptable you are to any situation.

    Meowism sounds intriguing. Domino and her boyfriend Milo are Kitty Buddhists, and one of my cat lady friends follows Bast, the Cat God of Egypt.

    I’ll be interested to see how Meowist FURlosiphy has to ofFUR.

  11. Oh Miss Gemini
    I am just so thrilled that I am able to visit with you today.
    Good grief I can’t tell you the meows I have said to Mom about getting our modem so we could get back online and she said we had to wait until it was shipped. I don’t know about this shipping stuff but it sure took a LONG time to get here.
    Then Mom had to hook it up and get it to work.
    You know my Mom is not very computer literate. It took awhile.
    But finally she said she did it and la dee dah here I am!

    YOU look fabulous and I am so glad I was able to see you today.

  12. that is a grate pichure of yoo Gemini. yur so khute.

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