Tabby Tuesday

I am not really angry with the plant, although it might look that way.  I think Ichiro is attacking my tail (again).

I like to smell our plants even if they are not always looking so good.  This time Ichiro decided that he wanted to play on my window seat and was batting at my tail. I do not like anyone or anything to touch my back side.  Momma hates it when she has to trim my fancy pants because I go all wild on her no matter how easy she tries to make it.  In fact, it is easier to just dunk me in the tub until anything icky is washed off than it is to try and trim me up.  She keeps telling me it is just fur and should not hurt but I say if you are messing with it, it hurts!

Anyway Ichiro likes to attack tails and neither Chey nor I like it at all.   I am tired of that rascal.  I am glad that he fights with Chey more than me.  Now it is time for me to go back and hide in my closet again.


  1. We (Iza an Ayla) know about the younguns atckin our tails. But Marley is STILL only months old an we are years an we are told we gotta forgive him fer that. But ONLY fer a few more months. Then we REALLY teach him THE RULES!

  2. Oh sweetie we’re so sorry that Ichiro bothers you so much. He’s just a kiddo and will outgrow all of this mischief soon.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Hm… there must be a way to cure Ichiro of his nasty tail-attacking habit.

  4. Younger one always rude~
    Remember 3 years ago my little brother Lego?
    Now he has learned!!
    Show Ichiro who is the Boss!

  5. Gemini, no one should mess with our fancy pants. That’s the rule.

  6. I understand completely, Gemini. I don’t like it either, when Mom messes with my furs!!


  7. I think you’re wondefully tolerant considering the tail attack!

  8. Gemini, I too have to get my pants trimmed. Mommy puts me in the Grip of Death and Daddy snips…and I flail like mad. It’s a miracle I still have my tail. If you want I can come over an squash Ichiro. I’d enjoy that a lot.


  9. We after reading abowt all that dunkin’ and snipping and flaying ~ we are glad we wear short pants!

  10. Oh, Gemini, we just love your spitfire attitude!

  11. Gemini, we love that expression on your face. I think Ichiro is about to get a huge Whap. And probably he deserves it too. Wowser, we would not in a million years let out Mom trim our furs. Over our dead bodies. So we know where you are coming from. Have yourself a terrific Tuesday.

  12. Miles is a tail attacker too. I just give him a good swat and if that does not work then I chase him down and remind him who is boss, then I go poop in his litterbox

    bonks to all of you

  13. Oh, Gemini, send Ichiro ofur here for a few weeks. Just to haf a break!

  14. Miss Gemini
    I understand no messing with the hind feathers.
    You should see Mom trying to clean Abby’s.


  15. Trimming those furs wouldn’t be so bad- our momma comes along and combs them out until all the stinky is gone… It’s the problem with having a fluffy butt!

  16. oooohhhhh i hate that too. my beans cut my fancy hair alot. i hate it. cut any ofur hair on me, i start owt lykin it, then grow to hate it but i hate when my beans get me back thar. they say i luk klean then and should be happy they made it easy on me to stay klean but i get all hissy. im noramlly docile but when i get mad, watch owt…..raven

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