Tabby Tuesday

We had sunshine this last weekend so I sat in the window and wiffed!   That was so nice to get to be there.  Lots of windows were open for wiffing so Ichiro and I did not have to try and get the same window.

Momma said I did not mind him as much as Chey when he was a kitten. I just swatted him and he did not bother me but now he does not listen to my swats and hisses and I do not like him at all.   Oh well.  Momma wishes we would all get along.  I wish that I were an only cat. Cheysuli is okay. She leaves me alone and I like that.   Momma says I am a very anti social cat.  I think she is wrong. I even let the pet sitter pet me yesterday when she came by to be friendly to me and I did not even hiss at her.


  1. Oh, Gemini, I am an only cat and it has its good points, but is rather boring. I bet things are more interesting at your house.

  2. Gemini, you sound like a perfectly reasonable kitty to me! Sometimes we don’t like each other here that much either.

  3. Gemini, you just have very refined tastes! You are such a beauty!

    Mom Paula

  4. You are a little Diva kityt, darling Gemini and we love you for it.

  5. Relationships are so complicated, Gemini. I get along well with my sister Sei-Chan, but as for my son, Bibi… Well! There is at least one bad snarl session a day, and #1 has found a claw of mine embedded in his head TWICE!!! Enough said…


  6. Gemini, I am like you. I wish I was the only cat too. I don’t like those boys cats that live here. That’s why I stay in my room most of the time. I’m glad you got some whiffs in…I got some too!


  7. Gemini, they called me antisocial too but that is not the case. I’m just picky about who I hang out with, that’s all.


  8. good for you Gemini. I too wish I was an only cat. – Sammy

  9. Hmmmm … sumtimes Alfie drives me bananas but I wouldn’t be wiv owt him! Love Milo xx

    Actually ~ Milo drives me nuts ~ but I wouldn’t be wiv owt him either! Love Alfie xx

  10. I think you’re absolutely purrfect just being you Gemini!!!

  11. Social to Humans and social to Cats is two different things! We Cats know that.

  12. Gemini, we all have the same problem here. There are so many of us here, that we do get into spats. Mewmew especially would like very much to be the only cat. There are some that get along with the other kitties. I wouldn’t worry about a spat or two. Take care.

  13. You’re not anti-social. You’re just the one and only.

  14. Gemini, we don’t think you are antisocial, we just think that you don’t want pesky boy cats bothering you – Ichiro is at that age where they start to get annoying and pest like. We know because we have had a lot of that at our house. We bet you will like him better again once he grows out of that stage, it will just take some time.

  15. I was thinking how much fun it would be to have a sibling but hearing from you maybe it is a good idea that I am an only. You have to stake out your window and your other needs and swat whoever disagrees with you I guess.

  16. You are obviously not anti-social, Gemini — if you let the petsitter pet you! I think you are still mad at your Mom for bringing Ichiro home to live with you.

    Part of the problem is that he is a male cat. If it was another ladycat, there likely wouldn’t have been such a clash.

    You better get that Ichiro trained to listen to you, Gemini, or your situation is hopeless.

  17. It sounds like Ichiro is the problem, not you!

  18. Gemini, you have the perfect right to be left alone if you so desire. Don’t go all wobbly on the values you believe in!

  19. that wuz gud yoo let tha petsitter pet yoo. enjoy yur window. itz ben in tha 90s here so no open windows now.

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