Sunday Guest Stars: Ayla, Iza and Marley

I was quickly found my Ayla, Iza and Marley who said, “Got it. Famous pinecone statue (created in the 1st century) in the courtyard of the Vatican Museum.”  They also searched ugly buildings…  Which I am rather insulted.   Pixel and Samba gave me so many choices about where to go and I choose this because of the lovely grass and the recognizable pineapple!

Eric and Flynn said, “Oh no, we are too late. We knew that one because mum has been on a tour to The Vatican City when she was on a Med. cruise. It used to be a fountain and was sculpted in bronze in the 1st century. She thinks it was not in the main St. Peter’s Square but is beside The Vatican library and was originally part of a larger courtyard. She can’t be sure she is right about the larger courtyard so she is off to google it..”  and then

Eric and Flynn added, “We are back! The Court of the Pine (Pigna) is part of the Belvedere Court. She copied the text for anyone interested.

Cortile della Pigna
An internal grassed courtyard within the walls of the Vatican Museums, the Cortile della Pigna (courtyard of the pine cone) is part of the much older Cortile del Belvedere, sliced into six parts when Pope Sixtus V built his library across the existing courtyard. Now the Cortile del Belvedere, Cortile della Pigna and Cortile della Biblioteca provide a welcome breath of fresh air during your tour around the Vatican Museums.
The pine cone in question is a four-metre high bronze statue, from around the first century AD, and which originally resided in the Pantheon. It was in the old St Peter’s before being moved to a raised plinth here by Julius II. Set before a huge, scooped arch in the walls of the Vatican (designed by Bramante) it dominates the courtyard.”

Derby and Ducky said, “If you read on you will find that at least in the “old” days this was the site of the papal menagerie, from Wikipedia.

Shortly after, the court was home to the papal menagerie. It was on the lower part of the courtyard that Pope Leo X would parade his prized elephant Hanno for adoring crowds to see. Because of the pachyderm’s glorious history he was buried in the Cortile del Belvedere.  So a good place if you want to hang out with deaded and buried elephants.”

I think you pretty much know everything you ever wanted to know about the Belvedere Court!   And it was a lovely place to hang out for  day or so too.  Oh and, no I am not joining a nunnery. I was hoping to be Pope, but apparently I have to human, male and Catholic–which I think is rather picky of them.  As I fit none of those, I shall have to hope for saint hood.



  1. Well, we dint actally have a clue, but we searched a blowup pictures fer werds. That dint werk. Ayla suggested there might not be a whole lot of large statues of pinecones, so we tried that. We found some pinecones statues that dint show the building. Then Iza said “um, mebbe read the article about them? So we did an saw “Vatican”. So we searched that an finally found it!

    An we apologize fer calling the buildin “ugly”. While we purrsonally think that buildings ought ta be square fer maximum effinshincy, others can have anny buildin they want, even a block big anna 100 floors high!

    (TBT: Um, Marley, those exist)

    Yer kiddin, right? Um, yer NOT kiddin. OK, but I dont wanna see one of those… Id get sick.


  2. Well found, Chey. I do think sainthood would suit you well. Go for it.

  3. They are indeed a smart bunch, and good looking too!

  4. We are just glad someone found you Chey. We certainly aren’t any help but it is fun learning about all these places. Have yourselves a great Sunday.

  5. Concats to Ayla, Iza and Marley, and we had no idea where you were, Chey! We need to get back in the swing of things as far as finding you … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  6. To be a saint, you have to be dead first. And we wouldn’t want that!

    Don’t know why it is that although I have your blog down in my Blogger page as one that I am following, your new posts never show up. So I never know what you are saying until I am on your page. Any clues?

  7. Alya, Iza and Marley were not going to be denied this week! Congrats to them!!

  8. Congratulations to our sweet friends Ayla, Iza and Marley…Gorgeous Chey, you visit such beautiful, exciting places=can you believe our inept Mommy could have finally helped us find you, but we didn’t visit on Friday; even though we don’t get to blog hop during the week much these days, we hope you all know how much we love you guys (shout out to beautiful Gemini and adorable Ichiro too!) and we are always relieved to know you have been found, lovely girl :)…Have a fun week ahead, precious friends; we hope you all can stop by for Sukki’s Gotcha Day on Tuesday…big smoochies x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Alya, Iza and Marley and Eric and Flynn were amazing!!!

    We think you’re on the fast track for Sainthood since Ichiro came to live with you!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Concats to Ayla, Iza and Marley. Maybe you could be the Pope’s right hand cat in charge of all matters feline.

  11. Pope, schmope. Chey, go for Ruler of the Universe.

    ConCats to Ayla, Iza & Marley!

  12. Well, we didn’t find you, but we are glad someone did. I hope Ichiro is behaving and not giving you too much trouble. Threaten him with me if he doesn’t behave or listen to you. I could use a good run.


  13. Oh, the delight in having friends who can so quickly find and rescue you.

  14. Concats to Ayla, Iza and Marley. We searched on pine cones too and found some funky other sculptures. Sainthood is probably better than being Pope.

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