Next World Bank President: Cheysuli?

While Hillary Clinton has denied rumors that she will be the next World Bank President, no such denials are forthcoming from Cheysuli.

The former presidential candidate and pundit has said nothing about the rumors that her recent world travels have been a run up to her appointment as President of the World Bank.

“She keeps getting lost though.  I’m not sure how that looks or why they’d want a president who can’t ever find their way back home,” said an unnamed source.

Others were thrilled with the inclusion of a cat in the running.  Opening up the boundaries of species has always been important.  With a cat in charge of something perhaps all those other disenfrancised people will get an opportunity.  Cats, after all, are equal opportunity bosses.

“She’s just so mean,” said a source who wished to remain annonymous and gave his name as Ichiro.   “I can’t see her in charge.”




  1. If you in fact take this gig, Chey, I will have my human switch all our accounts to World Bank.

  2. I was hoping you’d run for president again, Chey, but head of the World Bank would give you an opportunity to help kitties on an international scale. So many campaigns, so little time …

  3. Gee Chey!! That would be cool.
    The one that controls all the money = power 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  4. Chey, yoo have our vote! S’funny how trubble makers never want to give their full name!

  5. You would have our votes, Chey!

  6. We hope you will become president of the bank, Chey, so we can get some green papers from you to buy us lots of toys and treats!

  7. Chey, if you become president of the World Bank, will you set aside funds for plenty of catnip for all cats worldwide? And fishy flakes?

  8. I think that would be purrfect, treats and nip could be the next world currency!

  9. ooooooooo! we will get the beans to put all our green papers in yer bank if you takes that job. kin we rent a safe deposit box fur the toys we ain’t usin’ right now, too?

  10. Oh, so you’ll be running for office again, Chey. This should be interesting.

  11. Oh Chey, we do think you should run for this great office at the World Bank. But you might want to stop getting lost. That doesn’t look so good on your resume. You can beat the Hillary out of the job. Hope all of you have a super day.

  12. if you get the job, I will haf my mama put all our green paper in the world bank! you haf my vote!

  13. Chey, you would be the perfect candidate to run the World Bank!

  14. You’ll be extra rich, Chey. May be you can get a bigger house and better servants. With all that extra money, you can have anything ypu want.

  15. It’s good to see that you’re considering public life again, Chey. What we need is a smart feline in charge!!

    Um…Ichiro, I’m pretty sure being “anonymous” means not telling your name.


  16. WE would vote for you for sure, Chey!

  17. we fink youd be gud but no scandals ok??

  18. Sounds like a great plan Chey…why…we could save our nip and mom’s money in the same place!

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