Mancat Meezer Monday

It was kind of nice on Sunday and I sat in the window.   Mom did not take my photo–this was from the end of April when it was nice.

Mom and Dad were gone a lot this weekend.  They are trying to decide if they want to buy a bigger house or stay here.   If they got a bigger house they would get a smaller yard so it was less for my Dad.  I mean then maybe I could even have an in the garden because like we’d have a garden!  Even though I am afraid to go outside and pulled off my harness to run back inside because it was so scary out there.  But maybe it was the really enormous backyard we have.

Chey says they need a bigger house because I take up so much space in the house so they are doing that for her.  She wishes they would hurry up.  They don’t know if they want to do that because it would mean a bit more cost and a longer commute for my dad.  And then I wouldn’t see him quite so much cause he’d be driving more.  Chey is likes that about the possible move.


  1. Its not the size of the yard that is scary, its the security of the fence. A good tall solid fence makes a smaller yard safer. Thats why we love OUR yard! No woofies and few cats can get in. Of course Ayla has to get over the fence but thats HER look-out.

    Iza and Marley

  2. Bigger House or More time with daddy ? I chose Daddy !

  3. I will always choose more time with Daddy over a bigger house. We love our house so everytime mom and dad have thought about more space, we paw at their excess stuff.

  4. Wow, so many things to consider! When the humans got our current house, they weren’t even looking! but it happened to be one of my human’s favorite houses in our area and when it went up for sale, she had to buy it. We got a bigger yard (mainly for the dog’s benefit) AND a bigger house!

  5. Ichiro, that’s a nice picture of your sweet face. It is interesting to hear that you didn’t like outside and pulled off your harness to go back in. My human would vote for not increasing Dad’s commute time much. Even if the yard work is more. Commuting is stressful, and adds a lot more to the cost in terms of miles on the car and gas. My humans have always had reasonable commutes and feel that helps them keep sane. Maybe somebody can be paid to help with some of the yard work. My Dad now has mowing help, but does the other stuff himself.

  6. We would always choose daddy time instead of a bigger house. Family is everything. Our mom and dad are doing the opposite ~ now dad has retired they are planning to downsize to something more “manageable”. We still hope to have a good size garden though ~ otherwise Alfie will throw a “wobbly”. MOL!

    Milo xx

  7. That’s a lovely photo of you sweetie! My SS hates commuting, thanks to the awful traffic in Sydney, so she would vote for stay put.

  8. It’s always a hard decision to make. The mom personally would prefer a shorter commute time, but it’s whatever one feels is best for themselves. If your humans decide against moving, would renovating the existing house, or adding on, be an option?

  9. more time with daddy is a good thing – bigger houses are sometimes scairty

  10. I think the Daddy time is much more important. Maybe they could add a little space on to the house that you have now. Besides if Daddy has to drive further to work, that defeats the whole purpose. You could also grow fewer plants. Hope everyone ends up being happy. Take care.

  11. There’s no price on free time, we say keep the house and the Daddy time.

  12. Oh moving can be so stressful, but it also gives you new places to explore and things to see out the window!

  13. Does that mean everycat will have their own personal kingdom?

  14. Ichiro
    That is a fantastic mancat picture of you!
    Now moving would be a BIG deal.
    We don’t wish that on you.
    But it would be exciting.

    hellllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!

  15. Well… We’re torn on what our vote would be. A bigger house seems like it would be nice for everybody… But our Mom says more green papers for the house & food for the giant metal beasts may cause more stress on the peeps… So we hope, uh, that they make a decision that will best benefit the kitties!! 😀

    Thanks for visiting us on Simon’s special day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  16. I just love that picture, you look so handsome…and thoughtful!

  17. Wow, a bigger house would mean more room for all of you to hang out in. That sounds like fun!!

    Great picture of you, Ichiro…you are really a handsome mancat.

  18. Ichiro, that is a very handsome picture of you 🙂
    We don’t know what to say about moving as we
    have never done it before.Mickey was the only one.
    Sometimes Mom would like to be a tad closer to the city,
    but she would lose the yard :/
    It is a hard decision
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  19. Decisions, decisions. Chey would be happy and you’d be sad. Gemini hasn’t voted yet. But guess it will all come down to what your humans want. Perhaps they will buy you and Chey a bigger house and stay where they are??????

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