Find Chey Friday

So this looks like a place where I can stretch out and make myself at home.  I like it. Now which way is home?

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  1. OK, ya are next to some bad terra cotta planters with mostly dead coreopsis moonbeams in them. We recognize the dead buds.

    But are you are Valdosta State University?

  2. BTW, that is surely the UGLIEST building we have ever seen. In fact, we are searchin “unbuilding”!

  3. Got it.
    Famous pinecone statue (created in the 1st century) in the courtyard of the Vatican Museum.

  4. And that is STILL one ugly building…

  5. I think you would be correct on the last guess…

  6. Wait, you think we are wrong on the ID? Are we wrong about where you are?

  7. Yes, it is called the Court of the Pine.

  8. Looks like someone had a building, then sliced it in half. Weird. But that’s a good grassy roll, Chey.

  9. I believe Marks Mews and ‘Kaika are correct. Well done! I didn’t know there was any grass at the Vatican.

  10. Oh no, we are too late. We knew that one because mum has been on a tour to The Vatican City when she was on a Med. cruise. It used to be a fountain and was sculpted in bronze in the 1st century. She thinks it was not in the main St. Peter’s Square but is beside The Vatican library and was originally part of a larger courtyard. She can’t be sure she is right about the larger courtyard so she is off to google it..

  11. We are back! The Court of the Pine (Pigna) is part of the Belvedere Court. She copied the text for anyone interested.

    Cortile della Pigna
    An internal grassed courtyard within the walls of the Vatican Museums, the Cortile della Pigna (courtyard of the pine cone) is part of the much older Cortile del Belvedere, sliced into six parts when Pope Sixtus V built his library across the existing courtyard. Now the Cortile del Belvedere, Cortile della Pigna and Cortile della Biblioteca provide a welcome breath of fresh air during your tour around the Vatican Museums.
    The pine cone in question is a four-metre high bronze statue, from around the first century AD, and which originally resided in the Pantheon. It was in the old St Peter’s before being moved to a raised plinth here by Julius II. Set before a huge, scooped arch in the walls of the Vatican (designed by Bramante) it dominates the courtyard.

  12. Well, we didn’t know where you were as usual, Chey. So we’re glad the others did…

  13. We’re glad you are being found quicker and quicker so you can get back home safe. We’d love to join you for a roll on that lush, green grass!

  14. ::yawn::

    ::wakes up::

    Wha? Oh you’ve been found?


    I’m going back to sleep…purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. Well Chey, those smart people found you without any trouble. We sure are learning a lot on all these searches. This is really fun. Glad you got found. You are a long ways from home. Take care.

  16. Well, crumbs. We WERE gonna search “giant Pinecone”. rats.

  17. No we meant you were right when you said the last place in the Vatican–we were not assuming the ugly building was a guess. We actually think it is quite artistic

  18. And Lounge kitties–you can still search giant pinecone! You may have something to add!

  19. I still think my deck is a better place to stretch, roll and nip! : )

  20. the vatican? did you join a nunnery or something?

  21. You are such a cutie, and we hope you find your way home again!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. We’re in the same boat as Cory.. going nowhere too….

  23. Drat! One of these days I’m gonna get here early so I can be the first to say I don’t know!!!

  24. If you read on you will find that at least in the “old” days this was the site of the papal menagerie, from Wikipedia.

    Shortly after, the court was home to the papal menagerie. It was on the lower part of the courtyard that Pope Leo X would parade his prized elephant Hanno for adoring crowds to see. Because of the pachyderm’s glorious history he was buried in the Cortile del Belvedere.[4]

  25. We press enter before we finished. So a good place if you want to hang out with deaded and buried elephants.

  26. This is really bad. Mom has BEEN there and still didn’t get it. Sheesh….we need a new Mom.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. Well, we kinda like the building too.
    It’s the giant pine cone we;re not too sure about :/
    Have a fun weekend Chey!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  28. We know you’re lying in grass. We recognize it even though most of ours has died from the heat and lack of rain. But now it’s raining, so the lawn will probably grow. And need to be mowed.

    You know, seeing you lying on the growing grass has suddenly made us very tired. **yawn**

  29. Thanks to all the smart kitties who found you. Always learn something new here.

  30. Too late but we knew the answer… and now it’s time for us to roll around in the cool grass and chill until our next adventure.

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