Find Chey Friday

Well isn’t this interesting?  A nice quiet relaxing place to hang for awhile.  I wonder if there is food inside that building?   Or maybe I should start heading home.   Except of course, I have no idea which direction it is.   Oh dear. Now what have I done?  Again?!

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  1. Are you at the Mill in Cades Cove Tennessee?

  2. No but you are in the general region

  3. We never know where you are, Chey. We’re fur-brains….

  4. You are next to a very polite sign. It ends in “Thank You”.

  5. Too hard. It’s not my backyard, that’s for sure 🙂

  6. Mississippi

  7. It dos look very lovely, wherever it might be….

  8. Don’t fall in the water, Chey…you might get caught up in that big wheel!!

    We don’t know where you are…we are so pathetic…

  9. Virginia somewhere?

  10. Well wherever you are it looks like a very nice place to have a nip and cheese party!

  11. You must be down by the Old Mill Stream!

  12. I believe you are in the right state Simba and Brian may actually have a hint without knowing it!

  13. Mommy is Hoping you’re at the House of Jack Daniels…

  14. I was going to say the old Mill stream in West Virginia, but guess that is wrong. I do like Katnip’s idea. We are going with her, the house of Jack Daniels.

  15. (sigh) As usual, Mom doesn’t have a clue. We think she needs to get out more.

  16. Is it Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge Parkway near Blacksburg Virginia?

  17. Very good boys! That was quite a bit of travel for you! Did you catch the clue over at Brian’s and start checking out or have you been her? Or are you just that good?!

  18. Oh the boys who were good are Eric and Flynn

  19. It was pure luck! We googled “Mills and water wheels in Tennessee” (thanks Simba) and nothing looked right, then we happened to see a You Tube picture where the mill looked exactly right but the surroundings were different, so we googled that and got it from a different angle and decided that was it.

  20. Eric and Flynn, you did well: I actually came up with a site fro Old Mills listed by state for the whole country but it was just too much info! Especially good because your humans are traveling!

  21. If anyone is interested in seeing lots of old mills, here is the site I found:

    Mabry is there, but I gave up after looking thru all of Tennessee.

  22. Wow those British boys are good!
    Glad that you were found Chey!

    Hellllllllllllllloo gorgeous Miss Gemini!


  23. Well, we did not know where you were,
    we were to busy enjoying some sunshine for a change!!!! heehee
    Yup, that’s us, blinded by the light 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  24. Well, at least someone got it before i got here so I don’t feel like my head filled up with Teh Stoopids…

  25. Pretty much as usual, late and we didn’t have a clue where you were. Glad our UK buds found you.

  26. I’m totally out in the weeds here, Chey. But it sure looks pretty!

  27. Correction: I got confused with Ginger Jasper when I said Eric and Flynn’s parents were traveling! Of course Eric and Flynn’s are at home. Sorry.

  28. um a mill? all i know is that mills are way to close to water for my comfort. keep the water in my bowl and away from my furs! it does look like a nice place to hunt butterflies

  29. we do not know where you are- but, we are truly jealous of your freedom. 🙂

  30. Could that be somewhere where they used to do gold mining maybe? FAZ

  31. I don’t know where you are at but you could be somewhere along the Maumee River near where I live. They have mills like this showing how it was in the olden times. You sure travel a lot. If you need company at anytime come and get me and I will teleport with you to one of your places.

  32. Eric and Flynn are just too good! Glad your were found but that’s a nice place to hang out.

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