Find Chey Friday

Wow–I think this is kind of a nice place. I’ve never had bear. Does that sound good?   Or maybe something else.   Or maybe not.  He seems like he might be hard to bite into.   Perhaps I should head home. Now if I can just figure out how…

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  1. Are you at Fake Forest Cafeteria
    Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria is an old cafeteria in the middle of downtown L.A
    648 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA.
    The website said it was designed to look like a Washington Forest.
    I hope this can bring you home.

  2. Hehe, guess what? I don’t know where you are, yet again. So what’s new.

  3. I hope somebody finds you soon, Chey. By the idfferent kinds of trees there, I would say you are some place with a warm climate – otherwise, I dunno.

  4. We think ……. that you’re not in the UK!

  5. Good grief, Chey!

  6. Chey, we don’t know where you are, but that bear
    might make a great bodyguard for you 😉
    He should keep Ichiro at bay!! heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  7. Is it the Eric Thorsen sculpture park in Bigfork Montana close to Flathead Lake?

  8. Are you somewhere in the Great Smokies?

  9. You must be a Big Bear Lake…somewhere!

  10. Better you take a bitey out of the bear vs. him taking a bitey out of you! I have no idea where you are but bears scare me so I’ll just go hide now.

  11. The only cats right at Crystal, Amber, Jasper and Dino–I am NOT in the UK! 🙂

    Simba your comment made us laugh!

    We knew this would be a hard one though…

  12. WEll we sure don’t know where you are Chey. Sorry, we would like for you to get home. We tried and couldn’t find that bear. It does look like somewhere warm with those trees. Hope someone finds you.

  13. This one IS hard! We have examined the picture several times and cant really find annything ta even search about. As inneresting as the place looks, we cant find annything unique.

  14. We think with all those black animals you must be at the la Brea tar pits.

  15. Well we don’t have a clue where you are but we wishes we were there. It looks peaceful.

  16. At first I thought it was my back yard, but then I remembered that no bears live here.

  17. Chey
    This is a tough one!
    Well they are all tough for me. I haven’t a clue.
    But we hope someone finds you so you can get back home.

    Hellllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    your boyfriendcat

  18. Are you at Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, WA?

  19. Why Laila and Minchie–how did you ever guess?! 🙂

  20. Shoot Laila and Minchie beat us! That was gonna be our guess to! ; }

  21. Oh well, that’s what I get for reading FB too late! Ha!

  22. Really, Derby and Ducky?

  23. Because our mom is addicted to FB! 😉

  24. Good job Laila and Minchie, on finding Chey . We are so glad that he got to come home. Take care.

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