Wednesday With Cheysuli

Yeah well that’s what I think of you making me work Woman!

Really.  Did you notice the advertisement on my site?  Now if the Woman gets work I have to snoopervise as this is something on my site and I am sure there will be a Cheysuli guarantee too! Man.

So I have been

  • Modeling
  • Avoiding Ichiro
  • Snoopervising new cards
  • Snoopervising some new website work
  • Assisting with troubleshooting websites

We are playing around with the easiest ways to import photos from blogger.  It seems that the import from blogger plugin works quite well and all the photos we have on blogger go there.  Now the links outside don’t seem to work so well so she’ll have to look at that code and see what’s up with that.   But we’ll know what it takes if you need your blog moved!

The Woman’s goal with websites?  She knows that website help can get expensive.  That’s why as a hobby she’s learned all she can about websites so she can do it herself.   However, not everyone has the time or inclination to start playing around.   Her goal is to help people who can’t otherwise afford it by making services affordable.   That means hosting and the hourly rate of what she does for websites.   She wants to help people who need it and maybe can’t afford to drop a hundred bucks just to get their site moved.


  1. Good luck with your new venture, Chey. With your help, it should go swimmingly.

  2. It sounds like your human has a worthy goal, especially as bad as Blogger has been behaving lately! WordPress works great for me and I think more kitties should use it!

  3. Chey, we think yoo are mega-helpful. We hope yoo get treats for yoor efforts.

  4. Well, if my Mom decides to ditch Blogger, she will know who to come to!

  5. Hello sweet friend Cheysuli! Guess what? Wake up and send me your snailmail addy…you are the winner of the giveaway. The necklace mommy made for our blogoversary…it will look fab on your meezer furs girlfriend!!!
    Love Miss Peach

  6. You’re a hard worker. Your Mom must be so pleased to have a helper like you.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Chey, you are so busy!! Our mom still wants to change our blog…but she can’t decide on a template to change to. More like she can’t focus on it…she’s so ADD sometimes!! When she is ready, she’ll let you know, Chey!!

  8. Whew, with all that work you’re doing, it’s no wonder you’re tired!

    We see a number of kitties and beans moving their blogs to WordPress…It’s tempting, but we do this just for fun and really don’t want to pay for it. LOL. Plus the mom’s entire life is on Google, with Reader, tens of thousands of pics in Picasa, Reader and of course Blogger. Seems like too much work to change it up now! 🙂

  9. Y’all sure are smart with the website stuff and I know you keep your paws on all thing current too!

  10. Good luck with everything Chey. Coding is tough. Mommy tries to play around with it herself but it only gets her frustrated.

  11. Oh Chey, you must be totally exhausted. That is a lot of work for one gorgeous kitty. Sounds like your Mom is doing so terrific work. We wish our Mom was that smart to figure out websites. Hope all of you have a super day.

  12. We wish your Woman, as you call her, well with her business. We wish we had some green papers to ask for her help but since we already lost two urls this year for what has got to be the stupidest decision by a big company, we are more tempted to stop blogging than spend money on it. Good luck!

  13. You are a hard worker! Computers are hard; my Mommeh doesn’t understand any of that stuff!

  14. Chey
    That is fantastic!

    Hellllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  15. You are working hard! No wonder you are tired!

  16. sownds lyk youf earned yur nap thar.

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