Wednesday With Chey

I have been modeling and writing my little paws off I’ve hardly had a moment to nap.

Believe me, it is in my contract that I nap regularly and I do not like these times when the Woman thinks she should be working around the house forcing me to snoopervise and keep things in order.   And of course there is dictating not only my blog here, talking with her about what to put on the main My Siamese site (if you are on my good side, you will be there) and then my column on Mousebreath.

Of course there is keeping Ichiro in line.  He was chasing a fly today.   That cat can jump.   Well at his size, he’ll get over that soon enough.   Of course, Gemini caught the fly and she did not go jumping in the air all willy nilly.


  1. Chey, you mean you have to do all this work while Ichiro and Gemini get to chase flies? Somehow that just doesn’t seem fair.

  2. Mom is smiling at the thought of Ichiro jumping all over after the fly and then Gemini just calmly catching it.

  3. Chey,you are looking very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is too bad you have to work while the others play :/
    You do a great job,however, in keeping us informed on things 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  4. We love it when flies get in the house. For some reason, Mom doesn’t.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. “willy nilly” ~ that made us larf! P’raps Ichiro shud change his name to Willy Nilly? MOL!

  6. Wow, Chey…we hope you get a break soon. You’re working waaaay too hard! But you’re looking beautiful, we must say.

  7. Chey, we don’t think it’s fair you have to work so hard while the others get to “play.” We hope you’re compensated properly for all your efforts!

  8. Gemini is one smart girl!

    Chey, that is the best picture we have ever seen of you. It’s gorgeous!

  9. you haf to WERK? That’s just WRONG

  10. Was the fly crunchy?

  11. Ginger is smirking….she says of course the Tabby girl got the fly. Sheesh…

    Chey, if you don’t get your contractual naps, just think of how many places you can complain about it. The world will know.

  12. Wow Chey you are so busy! We can’t believe that you are getting so little time to nap – that must be just awful!

    And that is so funny about the fly – boys are always crazy when they try to get them, then it is the calm girls who end up getting it.

  13. Why do boys always act so willy-nilly anyway?

  14. Id you get into a bind, let me know, I’ll be glad to take a nap for you!

  15. Chey, it really does sound like you are working way too hard while those other two are have such fun. But we do have to tell you that is a gorgeous picture of you. Love you up against that color. Hope all of you have a good napping day.

  16. Chey, we have ta say that iffen ya GOTTA snoopervize, doin it from a pile of bloo fevvers is the best way!

  17. Snoopervising the humans is a very important job. That’s why our mommy is so glad to have all of us. This way we can take turns snoopervising the two of them.

  18. Chey, you look beautiful! It is not fair that you haf to do alla the work while the others get to play. Make sure you get those naps in or you will haf to go on strike!

  19. Don’t work too hard Chey!

    Hellllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  20. We hope you don’t work too hard, Chey. That chasing the fly thing sounds pretty fun to us (well, Moosey thinks so, anyway…) 🙂

  21. You are looking rather smug in your picture, or are you p**’d off that you have so much work to do?

  22. Chey yoo luk bery khute in yur pichure. we hope yoo got yur naps.

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