Wednesday With Chey

Sometimes work gets so overwhelming a cat just has to stretch out and yawn.  And that’s what I’m doing.

I mean it’s either that or point out how offensive I think it is that you are all taking Gemini’s side that she needs more blog time.  I mean she’d get more blog time if Ichiro weren’t around. Did I hear anyone volunteering to take him?

Did you catch my wisdom on Mousebreath the other day?  Or the Woman’s boring technical article on BlogPaws? Do you see the challenges I face here for attention?  I mean Gemini was invited onto Paws and Effect even!  And was I?!   It’s so wrong.

So I’m doing what any good cat would do. I’m stretching out and ignoring everything, hoping that the other cats will go away.  Eventually it will happen if I nap long enough…


  1. In spite of all the legitimate and academic concerns you raise here in logical and rational ways, we just have to say…

    That is one impressive set of abs in that tummy shot!


  2. I know how it is, Chey. Everybody wants airtime these days.

  3. That would have been a great entry in the tummy Contest, Chey.

  4. Sorry, Chey, we didn’t hear a word you said…we were too busy looking at that awesome tummy of yours!

  5. Ginger is the only cat here taking Gemini’s side Chey…I mean Tabby Cats United and all that sort of stuff. Don’t ever forget I’m a Meezer and my momma Ellie is a Meezer…and we will always take your side.

    Nice abs!

  6. You are very wise Chey, and wise ones never get stuck with doing all the work!

  7. Oh dear Chey, we didn’t mean to take sides. We feel like everyone can have their own special day or blog. We don’t get on our blog very much since there are so many that live here. So we understand. We will have to go read the Mousebreath.

  8. Now you know you’d miss them if they were gone…

  9. It seems it’s a real fight for attention between the three of you, now. Actually, sometimes it’s better when you’re not in the limelight — you can relax and let the world go by, like you’re doing right now!

  10. We all fight around here for attention….but you know me I am crazy for my Gemini!

    Helllooooo sweet little Puffalo!

    your boyfriendcat

  11. I don’t want to take sides! I am too busy looking at your impressive tummy.

  12. Thats a gud stretch thar. Yoo need a tummy skritching???

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