Tabby Tuesday

Just for the record, I do not like being jumped on.  I do not like it when Ichiro leaps up from nowhere and lands on my back grabbing me.   I think it is like those horror movies then the dead person leaps up and grabs the hero at the end.   I think Ichiro is a little like a horror movie monster!

I also do not like it when he jumps out and grabs me around the neck and tries to bite on me either.   Yes.  I do think he is a horror movie monster.  If anyone needs a horror movie monster, then we have Ichiro.  He is like Dorian Grey and only looks good. I bet there is a picture in our attic that is very scary to look at, don’t you?


  1. Gemini, you need back-up, like maybe a zombie or something to protect you.

  2. or you need to get some super powers!

  3. I’d lend you one of my Zombie Toys, Gemini, but I don’t think they would work!

  4. What is it with brothers? Both Figgy and Nigel do the same thing and us girls are annoyed! Nigel is moderating his ways since he’s trying to woo my momma Ellie…but Figgys is just a teenager and IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

    We feel your pain Gemini.

  5. Send Ichiro to me, I love to play the same game as him : )

  6. Ernie does stuff like that to me, Gemini, and I don’t like it either! Sometimes I try to do it back to him but it only makes him jump on me more. Maybe we could send him and Ichiro off somewhere together….


  7. Even though our Annie is at the Bridge, Gemini, she could relate! Nicki used to do that to her all the time, and not to play, but because he was a bully with her. So she feels for you!

  8. I don’t think those surprise pounces are fun for anyone!!!!

  9. Yep – our brother cats (Tim & Tom) do that too….all it takes in poor Tim not paying attention and the 15 pound cannon ball will bomb him!! Makes mom giggle….

  10. Thanks, but no thanks, Gemini, I have my own horror movie monster here, Minchie, who is always jumping on me. Of course, I give it right back to him. hehehe!


  11. Sometimes the kittens act like horror movie monsters here too so we feel your pain. Just give him a good thwap the next time he does it and maybe he’ll learn to leave you alone.

  12. Um….thanks for the offer but we think we’ll pass. We don’t need a horror movie monster!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Poor Gemini! I was hoping for your sake that when Ichiro had his little oPURRation that he would have calmed down some.

    I guess you just have to wait for him to mature a little more. Of course, sometimes even that doesn’t help. My Dylan does the same thing to Domino.

    I think their natural instincts are just impossible to quell.

    Purrhaps you need some training in self-defence, Miss Gemini! It might be the only solution to de-terrorizing the monster.

  14. Miss Gemini
    I will be right over to protect you!

    your boyfriendcat

    And we’ll see how much Ichiro likes me to jump on him!

  15. Whap him hard!

  16. Gemini, we do not have any little brothers that do that sort of thing. I would not like it either!!
    However ,I do have Georgia and sometimes she is a big pain and chases me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie

  17. Siblings can be such a challenge. Maggie is constantly pouncing Josie the same way.

  18. babies love ta skare us adlts. they fink its sooo funny.

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