Tabby Tuesday

Yesterday I surprised my Momma.  I came downstairs in the middle of the day and I sat on her lap and I napped on her while she read.   I was not even ready to get up when she needed to get back to doing some work, I was so comfy.

Now, normally I rarely come out during the day.   This was far earlier than I usually creep out and then I only check things out and go back to hiding.   Of course, any change in behavior, even one she likes worries Momma a little bit.  Cause you know I could need more attention because I am sick or something.

But I think I was just looking for attention because Ichiro takes so much and I could smell him in the bedroom.  He would rather annoy Cheysuli than talk to Momma, so I got to go and snooze on her!


  1. Goodness Gemini, you are quite a lot like me! I stay in the bedroom most of the day, prance around the main rooms a couple of times, hop up on TBT’s lap once in a while fer a nap… I mostly wander around the house at night.


  2. Tell you mom not to worry and to just think of that as a special gift of snuggles you gave her! 🙂

  3. Sometimes you just got to snuggle…it can’t be helped!

  4. It sounds like a very wise move to us, Gemini!

    The Chans

  5. Awwww … that must have been lovely for yoor mom.

  6. Gemini, that must have been a great surprise for your Mom. I bet she was pleased to have you surprise her. Sometimes we just need attention right now too. Hope all of you have a super day.

  7. Like I’ve always said, you’ve got to keep the humans on their toes. Too much routine and they get too comfortable.

  8. I can see how having Ichiro around might change your routine, Gemini!

  9. Miss Gemini
    My sisfur Boo likes to stay in the big bedroom which is closed off to all of us.
    Mom says it is her safe room (mostly from me).

    YOU look so beautiful in that window!
    your boyfriendcat

  10. Oh, I bet your mom was happy to get that extra love from you!

  11. Gemini, we bet you made your mom really happy!! Maybe you should do that more often!

  12. You deserve attention too Miss Gemini. So go sit on your mum more often.

  13. Gemini, yoo is a vampire kitteh like Mooch? We didnt know dere was more than one! Mooch comes out once in a while durin da day just to prove dat she can! MOL

  14. that wuz nise yoo lovin yur momma.

  15. Efurrybody has their purrsonality and it’s nice when humans can be surprised when we do something unexpected!

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