Tabby Tuesday

Momma and Dad had some errands to run this weekend.  Dad will have to rerun those errands because Frys did not have what he wanted.   I do not know exactly what he wanted because I do not do stuff like that.

When she is home, Momma is often at this desk.  It is not very clean.   I am checking things out so that she knows what must be done when she starts back to work.  I am very good at keeping her on track.   Sometimes I get so happy I drool on her keyboard.  This is important because sometimes she gets sticky fingers on her keyboard, so I am cleaning it.   I am not sure she sees it that way though.

The squirt bottle in the corner is for Ichiro when he eats the plants.  Because it is not for me, I do not worry about it.


  1. Oh, your human’s desk is WAY less cluttered than my human’s! In fact, I can’t even make my way around it right now because of all the clutter. Maybe I should leave a few well-placed hairballs on all this paperwork – then she will toss it all and I’ll have room to move again.

  2. Messy? You haven’t seen Jan’s desk, have you, Gemini? Be glad! She can’t even find anything. She says it’s because we get up there and throw everything on the floor (or in the trash) but you know how humans are. So you deserve a raise for keeping your mom’s desk cleaner.

    How is Chey? Is she eating properly now?

  3. That IS a good desk ta lean on!

  4. Your Momma should be very appreciative of your keyboard cleaning happy drool. Ichiro is a bad boy for eating the plants.

  5. That is a picture of neatness compared to our Mom’s desk. She is so messy, it is embarrassing. We have a squirt bottle for some of us too. Glad you are keeping that keyboard all nice and clean. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  6. Hey, our mom doesn’t even have a desk at home, she uses the dining table. 😛

    Maybe you could help us tidy things up though? We’re in a bit of a mess with all the house painting and could use an extra set of paws!

    BTW, there’s a squirt bottle in our house too, but since we boys get along with each other (unlike angel Annie with Nicki), it doesn’t get used much anymore.

  7. I think the desk looks purrfectly comfortable!!!

  8. You know what else you can do to help Gemini? Take your paws and push the clutter to the floor. Mom loves it when I do that since it helps clear her desk quickly.


    xoxo Cory

  9. Thank Cod you don’t worry about the squirt bottle, Gemini. We do.

  10. What a helpful girl you are, Gemini! Drooling on the keyboard is a great impetus for Mommy to clean it even better. A little spit and polish is a good thing.

  11. Your momma’s desk is a lot cleaner ythan my mama’s table! Why do they not appreciate the helpful qualities of drool?

  12. Oh my cute little Puffalo don’t you look adorable.
    Our Mom is a neatnik, but Dad isn’t. So it’s controlled chaos. All over.


    your boyfriendcat

  13. You are a big help to your mum Miss Gemini.

  14. I can tell what a big helper you are! Great job cleaning the keys. That is a great idea. I’ll have to try it. I’m sorry to say I’ve been so well behaved lately my squirt bottles have all been put away. Wow, when did I get boring.

    I’ll just live vicariously thru my friends OK? You look very pretty, but not very comfy. Your mommy needs to add a blanket to the top of that desk for you…

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