Tabby Tuesday

I feel neglected. Both Cheysuli and Ichiro have columns at Mousebreath. In fact, Chey has an advice column.  I do not have one. Momma didn’t even think about giving me one.  Did you know I was the first cat with a blog and my blog does not even exist since Momma put me on this one?

I think I should demand more.   I think I should stand up for tabbys everywhere and refuse to be on a site that is devoted to Siamese. It is not my fault I am not a Siamese.  I am a tabby.  And a puffy cat. That should be enough.   I’d like to see Cheysuli fend for herself the way I did as a kitten until I found my Momma.  She would never have been smart enough to find Momma! Not like me.

I think if I do not have my own website or my own column I should get something of my own.  Something even better than my own closet… But what should I ask for?


  1. Tabbys United!!!! I’ll march with you Gemini. Count me in. I know I’m owed something, but I haven’t figured it out yet either.



  2. How about your own deluxe cat tree, with no other cats allowed on it?

  3. Quite right, Gemini. We can see that the situation is not quite fair. You are of course stunningly beautiful, and clever etc, etc….

    Perhaps you should ask for special one-on-one time with your Mom on a daily basis, plus your very own treats?

    The Chans

  4. Gemini ~ we are so proud of yoo sticking up for yoor Tabby rights. We think yoo should have Tabby-Tuesday at least twice in EVERY week (maybe a Tabby-Thursday). And more TREATS for sure.

  5. Gemini, I don’t get to post nearly enough because those two boycats I live with hog the blog all the time, fighting over that stupid ladder!! I don’t even like that ladder!! Us tabby girls gotta stick together and demand more blog time!!


  6. Hey, there are three of us Tabbys here, we’ll back you up fur sure!

  7. ME agrees wif you Gemini – ME is surrounded by those loud whiney meezers! Mine mom lady person gotted ME mine own facebook page and ME has LOTS and LOTS of furriends! More than the meezers do! – Billy

  8. Ask for the house, Gemini. Ask for the house!

  9. We would love a Tabby’s United blog. There are two here and they need more time on the blog too. But you could also ask for some more treats all by yourself. You are correct, it is not fair. We will certainly back you up.

  10. Gemini, you can come over to our house and we would be more than happy to share our blog with you.

  11. I think you should have your own outdoor enclosed lounge, just like the Katnip Lounge cats have — except all for you! Complete with pool and things to climb and places to nap.

  12. Gemini, you should start a movement! I’ll join! We can march and carry placards and…wait…this is too much work. Let’s have a nap-in instead.

  13. You should certainly have more treats and toys to begin with …

  14. Oh Gemini we are sorry you are feeling neglected. It does seem unfair that you don’t get a column, and that you don’t have your own blog anymore. We think you should get like extra special treats every week or something to make up for it – that is the least your mom could do!

  15. I think you need a sports car. Much better than an advice column.

    I understand the feeling, though. There are four of us, but some days it just feels like Maggie’s blog.

  16. Miss Gemini
    I think you should ask to come live with me!


    But we know your Momma won’t go for that.
    I definitely think you deserve something VERY special!

    your boyfriendcat

  17. I’m with YOU Gemini an I’m a meezer! I’m feelin ignored. It used ta practically be MY blog an now I hardly ever get ta post! Iza gets outside an gardening. Marley is all new an cute. Jus because I mostly like ta stay in the bedroom, I seldom have pictures just about ME ta post! Ayla

  18. Ask for a catio!

  19. Well, lots of things come to mind. You could ask for your own bed, your own bowl, your own….um…let’s see…how about your own ROOM!

    Your friend

  20. Gemini, just sit back and relax. Let the meezers do all the work. You just share in the glory.

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