Tabby Tuesday

Momma why are you down there?

Is it because you are tired?  I am sorry that when you had a guest I got so upset that you locked me out with Ichiro (I know I ran out but I did not know you would close the door on me) that I kept you up from 3 AM to 5 AM and you felt very tired.

I know I did not sleep on you when you came out to snooze on the sofa because it doesn’t bother you when I make biscuits and purr on you but I did not want to sleep out there where the stranger in the house could find me.  I wanted to be in the bedroom with you.

It is not my fault that about 6 AM when you were drifting off Cheysuli decided to snooze on your chest and started kicking you with her hind legs because you were not petting her.   I am not the boss of her.   Believe me, she tells me that regularly!


  1. Oh, I am sure that disruption and loss of sleep was no big deal to your human! It just comes with living with kitties, so I bet she just shrugs off such incidents. Right?

  2. If your mom really wanted to sleep well at night, she wouldn’t have any fur companions at all. So she must not really mind–and it’s definitely NOT your fault!

  3. We think your Mom is just over reacting. After all, you’re doing your job making sure your Mom doesn’t get too much sleep!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. It certainly is nice though when things get back to normal!

  5. Gemini…nothing is your fault. NOTHING. Your mom should be honored that you care enough to make biscuits on her and bunny kick her. That’s love.

  6. Oh, yes! And we can hear Chey telling you. Chey doesn’t answer to any.

  7. Sounds like normal kitty behavoiur to us. MOL!

  8. We would be doing the same thing. We don’t want to be anywhere that a stranger might see us. We also sometimes keep our Mom awake at night by doing all the same things. We hope things get back to normal really soon. Take care.

  9. Dear Chey, what a very sweet comment you left on my blog this morning. Thank you so much. I normally chase cats (and I would definitely chase Ichiro for you) but I would never chase you.


  10. we don’t see nuffin’ wrong wif what you did; gosh, in all these years, hasn’t she learned that nights belongs to kitties???

    fanks fur bisitin’ us!! we hopes to flog . . . errrrr, encourage our mom to help us blog a little more offen;-D

  11. Oh Miss Gemini
    Your Mom could never be mad at you.
    One look into those eyes and she would melt.

    your boyfriendcat

  12. Gemini, strangers upset the whole house sometimes don’t they??
    We hope things get back to normal soon 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. Gemini your routine should not be upset when strangers come to visit. Maybe they should stay somewhere else.

  14. Oh sweet Gemini, there’s nothing wrong with biscuits and bunny kicks! That’s an expression of love!

  15. Sounds like you all had a hard night. Make up for it today.

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