Sunday Guest Star: Max

I thought it might be difficult to find me but within five minutes of posting Max said, “Hmmm…I thinks you are in the Bristol Tennessee-Virginia Chamber of Commerce front yard. Or the guitar is…Yer in the street…”

Actually no one corrected him, but I am in the drive of a filling station–one that does not have a bathroom much to the Woman’s annoyance. Don’t all filling stations (or gas stations) have bathrooms?

Of course we wondered how West Coast Max got this one so easily and he said, “The guitar…I Googled “giant guitar statue” and found a picture with some doood working on the tuning thingie…didn’t think it could be anywhere else…”

While some cats are hoping Ichiro is left behind, Cory said, “If Ichiro is starting a band…I could always be a singer in the band!”

What an interesting idea–this could take him on the road and he wouldn’t be around….


  1. Clever Max! And clever you for thinking of ways to send Ichiro on the road – and sending back lamb tokens from his fees, right?

  2. YAY Max, what a smart, handsome boy you are!…We sure hope you enjoy a wonderful Sunday at home, gorgeous Chey…Wishing you and your lovely siblings a fun, safe holiday weekend, precious friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Max did a GREAT job of this one, Chey!

  4. Bravo Max! You’re one smart dude!

  5. Congratulations to Max!! He’s much smarter than us…but then, when it comes to finding Chey, anybuddy is smarter than us!!

  6. Way to go Max! He really is on smart dude. Have a great Mem. Day Weekend all! Pray for sun k? Little dribs and drabs are coming out here in CT.

  7. Can I send Harley on the road as Ichiro’s Roadie?

  8. Good job Max and done so quickly. Sounds like Harley is going on the road with Ichhiro. I bet those two will have one good time.
    Take care and have a super day.

  9. Max yoo is one smart kitteh!

  10. Way to go Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  11. We are always so late to visit someone has found you, but I guess that is good. Otherwise you would be losted for many, many hours.

  12. :::bows:::
    My Google-Fu was strong, that’s all.
    I usually suck at this game, but I do love playing…

  13. Max is wise beyond his years…and google helps. But we never guess where you are, Chey!

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