Mancat Meezer Monday

Well it was an interesting weekend.   Mom and Dad were not home nearly enough.  And Saturday it was even nice outside and I could have looked out the windows more if they were home.  Well okay if they were home in the yard I would have had more to watch and that would have been fun.

At any rate, Mom finally got herself together and has redone her main site, My Siamese. It used to be everything Siamese and now it’s more about the people behind the cats.   She is trying to feature cat bloggers who sell things online or are artists and authors and stuff.   She will be doing regular book reviews of those things she’s read and also trying to feature the artists in Zazzle and Etsy shops.  We don’t have much traffic now, but if you have something you’d like featured, let us know.  Also we do have space for auctions, although she is not quite sure how that all works and is still working out the bugs.  We’ll be having an auction of something of ours when she does work that out, hopefully by next week!

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. Well, I have to say my human wasn’t anywhere near so productive! She “meant” to straighten up her office, but it is still a mess. And it is after 10 PM and she is just getting around to designing ONE new note card for my CafePress shop. At least I got some play time and naps in!

  2. Your Mom’s site is furry nice!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. We lazed around a lot … and then lazed some more! MOL!

  4. That is a nice picture of you, Ichiro. We will go and check out the remodeled My Siamese site.

  5. Sounds like your mom was very busy. We finally had some nice weather this weekend and got some window whiffies in. And of course, me and Ernie are still fighting over who gets the top of the ladder. The battle never ends.


  6. Ichiro, you are getting more handsome every time your mom posts a picture of you!!! (don’t tell Chey I said that).

    Mom and dad spent time shopping for the last few items for our bathroom. Work starts this week, so my world is going to be not so much fun. Not that I mind strangers in the house, but I’ll be locked away because for some reason I’m not seen as helpful. My momma Ellie and I are insulted.

  7. I agree with you, one can never have too much window whiffin!

  8. we spent the weekend whining at the mom that she spends too much time werking. she suks

  9. Please tell your Mom we’ll go check out her other site! Paws crossed you get some much-needed attention today.

  10. We think all those ideas are just great. I for one, would be interested in who has what for sale on the Etsy and Zazzle shops. And it would be nice to know about any new books. We are going to go check the other site. Take care.

  11. It’s not good to have lots of sun and have no access to the windows for the purpose of sunning and watching for critters. Perhaps, you need to hire a servant.

  12. What a beautiful picture of you, Ichiro! Those blue eyes of yours are outstanding.

    It sounds like your Mom will be busier than ever — are you sure this is a good idea? LOL!

  13. Hi Ichiro 🙂
    WE looked at your site and thought it is good!!
    It will be neat to check out too ,on a regular basis 🙂
    Mom was not around much this weekend :/
    That is the only downside of warm weather…
    Absent Mom Syndrome!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  14. Ichiro
    All the girl cats in the house are oogling your picture.

    We will definitely go check out your Mom’s site!

    Helllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  15. We sell a few things on CafePress but could never make even one sale on Zazzle, so we gave up on that. Our Mommeh is too lazy to help me make any new designs.

  16. OMC! What a purrfect picture of you, Ichiro! The blue in your eyes really come out with that blue blankie behind you and those whiskers!

  17. What a great picture of you!

    I got some good window whiffies this weekend. Mama changed our litter brand. don’t know if I like it.

  18. Aren’t you turning into a handsome mancat?!?

    Mom Paula

  19. Well, first we napped, then we stretched, then we napped, woke up and ate sum, den we cleaned our furs, then back to nappin – yea we didnt do much. MOL

  20. were sorry yur beans weren home enuff. owr biries are now farther away since back tree lost sum lmbs in storm. it wuz tha limbs closest ta windows. drat.

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