Find Chey Friday

Nice view up here.  But even here I can loose my bearings.   Hmm… maybe someone will know where this nice man and I are.  He didn’t tell me a thing!

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  1. Looks exotic, in a non-exotic kind of way….

  2. Hmm, looks like Africa, but I think it is somewhere in the USA. They dont’ call soda “soda” in Africa. Other than that I do not have any ideas.

  3. We’re as lost as you are, Chey!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  4. Chey, we think you are trying to fool us into thinking you’re in Africa, but we don’t think so. But we don’t know where you are!!!

  5. I have no idea where you are Chey, but looks like he’s selling fruit and fruit can be fun to play with!

  6. We don’t know. We thought it might be Epcot but we’re not sure. We know somebuddy smarter than us will find you!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. I finks it may be Epcot. I am in agreement wif da Furkids and Angel Sniffle.

  8. Epcot is in the right country but there are few places that are farther away…

  9. netti n chathu says:

    Nina naja is supposed to mean I am hungry in Swahili right? (Google translator 🙂 ) I am sure you will not be hungry with all the fruit around. i.e if you eat fruits and drink soda he he..

  10. netti n chathu says:

    Are you in “village market resort” in Nairobi, Kenya by any chance? Wild guess 🙂

  11. hawaii?

  12. Well we sure don’t have a clue where you are. Sounds like some good guesses though. I wanted to say Africa at first but we aren’t sure for sure. Hope someone finds you Chey. Have a good week end if you get home

  13. Katnip Lounge has gone a little too far west…

  14. If it is far away from Epcot – hmmm.
    You are in Seattle?. An African event at the Seattle Center.

  15. Animal Kingdom, Disney, Orlando Florida?


  16. I am not at a special event nor am I at the Seattle Center but I am nearby.

  17. Animal Kingdom, Disney in California?


  18. Gee, even though I’m late showing up, I don’t feel too bad because no one else seems to know where you are either!

  19. Wild guess…Pike Place Market in Seattle?

  20. You moved farther away Laila and Minchie!

  21. Is the market stand at the Key Arena?

  22. Simba I would think I am in a much more obvious place than that. No… I think Key Arena is probably farther away that you were… Think AFRICA.

  23. WE have no idea but it kind of reminds mom of some of the souviner (yeah. mom can’t spell that today) stands at Brookfield Zoo, like near Tropic World.

  24. Well, how about outside either the Children’s Museum or the Pacific Science Center?

  25. Well we are probably wrong but we are going to guess Trails of Africa @ Birmingham Zoo in Alabama.

  26. I guess I was getting confused with what you were saying about distances. I think you are at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

  27. We just saw where you are in Seattle so we are going to change our guess to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Washington.

  28. We meant to say the African Village at Woodland Park Zoo since it is a big place.

  29. It appears to be the Nina Njaa Marketplace at in the African Village at Woodland Park Zoo. That is Jaime standing out front…

  30. Indeed I am at Woodland Park Zoo and I think that Ayla, Iza and Marley did some searching and bigifying to get all that info!! 🙂

  31. You are definitely in the African Village Fruit Market!

  32. *whew*
    We are sure glad someone finally found you Chey!

    Helllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  33. Willow and I had no idea where you were but we are so glad that you were found! Now, if only our Lap Lady will help us update our blogs we will be even happier!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  34. We are so glad someone found you Chey. These people are just all so smart. Good job everyone.

  35. Ayla, Iza & Marley did a good job of finding you.

  36. Chey, we have no idea where you are,
    but we know you have found sunshine 😮
    Let us know where it is ,because we are tired of rain!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

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