Welcoming Your New Siamese

You’ve chosen your Siamese and are now ready to take him or her home. While Siamese cats are mostly personable cats and like to do what they want to do, experts recommend that you start by confining them to a small area, like a laundry or bathroom. This way your cat is not overwhelmed by a large new area, isn’t afraid of other cats and you can be sure that he or she understands litter box habits.

If this cat is an only cat, then you can gradually start letting them out in the house after a short time. If you have other cats, this process might take a bit longer.

With other cats, it’s a good idea to get the cats familiar with how each other smells. Cats identify friends and foes by smell so if they are familiar with a smell the new cat is less likely to be perceived as an intruder who needs to be dealt with. Some people let the cats smell nose to nose through a screen. Others will trade rooms for awhile–so put the new cat in the main house and the other cats in the room where the new cat was and let them start to smell each other. Do this for short periods each day and then let them meet under supervision.

Our Siamese was thrilled to meet our other cats. She was a very social cat in her first home. In our home, she was quite unhappy until she met our youngest cat, only month or so older than the her last litter. Once she met the other cats, she finally began to settle in. At first she preferred the other cats in the house to the people, but now she has adopted one of us and is very affectionate.

Realize that each cat will have personal preferences. Sometimes cats just don’t like each other. Some cats really just want to be only cats. It’s good to get as much feedback as you can about the new cat BEFORE you bring him or her into your house. Then watch carefully to see how they get along with your current cats.

Many people like having more than one cat. Several cats are good at entertaining each other and keepng each other company if you must be gone during the day. Siamese love attention so if you are gone for more than just work, you might think about another cat. Siamese tend to get along best with other Siamese and equally active breeds, such as Abyssinians.

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