Wednesday With Chey

Really, herding cats around here is a full time job.  Ichiro naps until 3 AM at which point he starts singing in the bedroom, which gets him kicked out.  Gemini normally has to leave.  Due to construction and not being happy with where my bed is, I have been snoozing downstairs in the Male’s chair.  It stinks but it’s warm.

Anyway at that point, everything is fine until about 6 AM when Gemini starts to talk.  And howl and cry.   During the week when the humans have to get up at a set time, I don’t really care.  They cover their heads and try and doze until the alarm comes on.  What I hate is on the weekend, they come out with a squirt bottle and it doesn’t matter who is there!  Even me.  Yes, I have been squirted.  By the WOMAN!  All I was doing was sitting there watching.

Needless to say I am less than pleased.  Not to mention she’s been gone a lot lately.   I really need more attention.

And yes, this was a photo shoot for some contest but she’s not happy with the results. So here you are…


  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha, how well we know the squirt bottle=^Y^=

  2. Oh we hate the squirt bottle, too!! You look good in feathers Chey!!
    Howdy from your TX furends,

  3. Ichiro starts at 3 AM? I am sure you are never involved, Chey.

  4. We would say that your humans need some emergency training, Chey.

    An what’s this with all those feathers?

    The Chans

  5. We all sleep in bed with the humans until they get up. No drama, except sometimes Binga gets a little annoying if they are in bed too long. I am beginning to think we are missing out on some fun by doing this!

  6. The squirt bottle? Wot a cheek!

  7. You’re not getting treated right around your house, Chey!! Rebel!!

  8. We think you have a few justifiable grievances to file against your staff!

  9. What terrible treatment, Chey. And you, as usual, were completely innocent!

    BTW, you are a vision in those blue feather.

  10. I only saw a squirt bottle once, then I ate it!

  11. Oh dear oh dear
    Miss Gemini did you get the squirt bottle too?

    Momma wants to squirt me (douse me!!) because I have been a bad boy again.
    (I sprayed)
    The only thing that they could do for me is put me on prozac and Mom refuses.

    your boyfriendcat

  12. Well, at least you look beautiful, Chey!

  13. Chey, the awful treatment must stop.

    We say so.

  14. There is a squirt bottle prominently displayed on the bedroom floor. It keeps us quiet in the morning…

  15. Not fair! You shouldn’t be squirted because someone else was causing problems, Chey! In fact, only squirts like Ichiro deserve to be squirted for obvious reasons.

    I love you in blue feathers. Did they tickle your nose?

  16. We’re pretty familiar with that squirt bottle too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  17. That is not fair that you get squirted when it is not your fault.

  18. An impromptu bath first thing in the morning sounds horrible. I’d complain, Chey, I really would. Ask for ham. Lots of it.

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