Wednesday With Chey

Yesterday was my birthday and the WOMAN FORGOT.  She had to read about it on the Cat Blogosphere.  What if she hadn’t read the Cat Blogosphere?

I am nine years old now.  The one person who is supposed to remember my birthday FORGOT.

I got my ration of fishy flakes but that’s all.  I got wishes from people on Facebook.  I got some more fans so they could wish me a happy birthday on Facebook, but the Woman did not plan a party.   She did not buy me extra fishy flakes.  She did not do anything to spend extra time with me.

I AM SO ABUSED.   I am certain this is either the fault of Ichiro or the Male.  Maybe one of the times Ichiro ran up her face to get to the window behind the sofa he kicked out some of her brains?



  1. Happy purrthday Cheysuli

  2. Chey, we say you play the HUGEST pity-n-guilt card you can find. The Woman is probably devastated and you need to strike now!

  3. Happy Birthday Chey! I’m sure you will find a way for your mom to make up for her forgetfulness!

  4. Oh, this is worth a least double the fishy flakes and a double helping of ham!

    reporting from her iPaw somewhere between France and England

  5. That IS shocking! And very deserving of any punishment you care to dole out.

  6. Happy Birthday, Cheysuli! I say you deserve an extra helping of fishy flakes for this and whatever else you can guilt your Mom into giving you.


  7. It IS unforgiveable. She should have tried extra hard to remember your birthday, given the abuse of getting Ichiro, your surgery and illness during the pas year, etc. Continue to sulk as much as you can.

  8. We must say that we are SHOCKED, Chey! That really is not good enough! She needs to make it up to you big time…

    The Chans

  9. Belated happy birthday, Chey! Did we come to wish you a happy day yesterday anyway? The mom can’t remember, we’re sorry.

    Purrsonally, we think this is a terrible oversight on the part of your human. *Maybe* she can make it up to you by having a big celebration on the weekend. Just an idea. Or she could give you extra treats, new toys, some nip….Boy, she’d better come up with something to atone for her sins!

  10. Oh Chey! It is so unfair! Yoo deserve tons of treats. We did leave yoo a happy birthday message yesterday ~ but we’ll say it again today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  11. Oops, Happy Belated Birthday sweetie Chey!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Chey! We’re sorry that the woman forgot!

    Luf, Us

  13. We think you deserve a special (belated) party with lots of presents and fishy flakes!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. Chey, we think your Mom only forgot because of the bathroom remodeling going on, the beans tend to get distracted! We hope you get more fishy flakes from her as a make up thing!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  15. there is no excuse for forgetting a purrfday. she OWES you big time!

  16. Happy birthday, Chey! I’m sorry it was sort of a dud. Maybe your next one will be better!

  17. Well, HAPPY 9TH BIRFDAY, Chey! We hope the Woman makes up fer forgettin it tonight…

  18. I know how you feel, Chey. Jan and the other Funny Farmers found out about my birthday on the CB too. It wasn’t on the CB calendar last year so Sam and I didn’t even have a birthday. Guess that means we didn’t age a year? They’ll probably read about Sam’s on the CB too. You’d think Jan could read a calendar! No fishy flakes. No prezzies. I was even shortchanged on the candles. Maybe you and I could have a pity party to make up for being forgotten on our birthday.


  19. At least a lot of your friends remembered your birthday even if the Woman didn’t.

  20. Chey
    It’s purrty bad around here too.
    The Mom only remembers Abby’s purrday. She knows it’s July 1st, but the rest of us she has to have it written down someplace to remind herself.

    We are all step children except Abby.
    Abby is the privileged one.

    One day we will extract our revenge.
    But until then she always feeds us and is kind and loving, so as long as we get fed….

    Helllllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  21. Hi Chey! We are sorry that the Woman forgot your birthday yesterday – but we did stop by and sing and we know that a bunch of your other blog friends came by too, so at least you got wished Happy Birthday on your birthday. We think that the Woman really needs to do something special to make it up to you though, like lots of extra treats for a week or something like that. But she definitely needs to make it up to you bigtime!

  22. Chey…it’s inexcusable that the woman forgot your birthday! She owes you BIG time…much more than fishy flakes!!

  23. Poor neglected Chey. We feel for you. But we are sure you are giving as good as you get. There’s ham in this for you, right?

  24. we hope yur mom makes it up ta yoo.

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