Tabby Tuesday

It always seems to be me who has to come up with the news.  Let’s see.  From April 12 to 19th Momma (and my dad) will be in North Carolina (mostly).  They are taking a day trip to Johnson City Tennessee and one day they will be in Roanoake.   They fly into South Carolina.  She is hoping on the 18th to see Praline’s Mom, although it is too far for Praline to come! We wanted to let other southern cats know in case they are in the area as well.   Momma will be mostly in Western North Carolina.

Also, Momma made the new master bathroom look like Chey and Ichiro.  Well it is blue and blonde and brown.  So here is the link to that for photos.  There are also photos of the guest bath which looks a bit more like my handsome Ping!  I like that bathroom.  But finally things are done and I do not have to have all those people in my house! YEAH. Well Momma still needs new towels and stuff for the master bathroom and then some decorating but she likes it well enough right now.

And finally, you all asked what a Puffalo is.  Now you know…(I feel so stupid).



  1. Puffalos look kinda burly! And Teri loves your bathrooms–tile is so pretty and fancy fixtures, too!

  2. hehehe! Now we know what a Puffalo is!!!!

    Love the bathroom pictures…and seeing Ichiro sneaking in for a photo op.

  3. Is there a house-trashin party planned?

  4. A Puffalo!?!? MOL

    Mom has put the 18th on her calendar. She says to let her know for sure and she’ll take time off of work to meet with you. I sure do wish I could meet you.

  5. Mommy says your bathroom looks verreh classy!

    Gemini, the Puffalo is funny…in a feminine and good way, that is.

  6. Oh my gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    Oh my!

    You look so booteeful my little puffalo!

    Your boyfriend cat

  7. Mom likes your bathrooms. The tile selections are veyr pretty and the cubbies for shampoo and stuff are a great idea. I say “whatever!”.

    Gemini, you are a unique Puffalo.

  8. Those bathrooms look nice! Where does the litter box go?

  9. We’re glad those bathrooms are finally done, Gemini!! But what did your mom do to you today??

  10. oh Gemini, you make a better floofy gorgeous kitty than a puffalo!

  11. We agree, yoo make a gorjuss floofy kitten. Puffalo’s are scary!

  12. Maybe we will get to wave, we are in the Upstate of South Carolina! I love the Puffalo!!!

  13. Gosh Gemini, we never saw a Puffalo until today!! And we hope your Momma does get to visit with Praline’s Mom Paula too!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    Pee Ess … Tell your Momma that our Momma loves her new master bathroom, and seeing the picture of the wall studs brought back memories of when Daddy totally gutted our bathroom in St. Louis and redid it, wow, that was a total pain!!

  14. Puffalos are kind of skeery!! Your Mom and Dad’s bathroom is pawsome. Mom and Dad did theirs about 5 years ago and it was a lot of work, but really worth it!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. Woooeeeeee! Dat’s a pawsome good job on da bathrooms! Love da fixtures, love da border and tile colors, love da cubby. We bet yoo go Ahhhhhhh efurrytime you go into them. Plus now yoo can pick out all new towels! Pssst — owr Mom loves any excuse to get new towels too.
    Don’t be shamed bout da Puffalo picture. Yoo make a great Puffalo!

  16. The bathrooms look lovely!
    Gemini, thank you for showing us what a Puffalo looks like. We think it is a little bit scary.

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