Tabby Tuesday

Momma is mad again because she says the Gemini alarm goes off every morning whether it needs to or not.  She got very mad that I sit outside the door and press my little face to the crack at the bottom of the door and meow as loud as I can when she does not immediately jump out of bed when the alarm is supposed to go off!  I do not know why they do not always have it go off.

I mean, I am only being helpful right?

She wouldn’t want to miss this sun would she?  I know about spring. You need to get up and enjoy the sun while you can! Otherwise it will go away.

Come on Momma! Let’s sit in the sun in the window!



  1. Well, duh, of course she should jump out of bed and keep you company. Jan’s like that. She’d rather not be disturbed until she’s ready, never mind us waiting on her.

  2. Humans are so unappreciative! It sounds to me like you are doing a wonderful job of getting your human up in the morning. You should be getting rewarded, not groused at.

  3. Humans are remarkably difficult about these things. Some even throw PILLOWS at helpful cats who meow loudly at dawn or just before the mosque goes off. I’d just keep going, Gemini. She needs you even though she doesn’t know it.

  4. Well we think yoo are doing a grand job. Yoor mom should show her appreciation wiv EXTRA treats.

  5. Gemini, They would be super grateful if the lost power and forgot to turn on the alarm. They need to learn to tell you what days it is not ok to be the backup alarm.

  6. guess what? momma usually gets up before us! srsly!

  7. We don’t normally have an alarm go off unless #1 needs to get up ridiculously early, but we have noticed that she has been waking up earlier than usual of late! But we are such sleepyheads that we never try t force the issue one way or the other.

    The Chans

  8. Allie likes to meow loudly while pawing at the door….that gets Mom up every time!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Gemini, you’re just thinking of your mom…we don’t unnerstand why she doesn’t realize that!

  10. We don’t understand why she doesn’t appreciate your efforts to get her out of bed. Gees, our mom is so well trained now that she’s out of bed before 4AM every day, even weekends, to feed us.

  11. Wat’s wrong with helping our beans keep watch on the time?!

  12. you are being very helpful – what if she was ‘posed to turn on the alarm thingy and FORGOTTED to do it!

  13. Gemini, we are outraged that you have to paw at a door…you should be in the room with your mom. On her pillow. You would only have to stick your sweet nose in her ear to wake her up. No meowing needed. It’s all her fault you have to resort to meowing.

    You are doing a fantastic job Gemini. People pay big money for reliable alarm clocks.

  14. I don’t understand it either sweet Gemini, up early sounds normal to me!!!

  15. I agree with Gemini. If you don’t intend to get up when the alarm goes off, why do you set it to that particular time?

    Please don’t get mad at Gemini when she’s only trying to lend a helping paw.

  16. Gemini and Ichiro get kicked out at about 3 AM every morning because Ichiro gets all excitable and active and makes too much noise. The Gemini prances on the Woman and purrs. The Woman can sleep through all of this but the Male can’t so now the Woman wakes up and carefully carries Gemini with her outside the bedroom and Ichiro follows and then she closes the door…

  17. Our Mom doesn’t much care for her little furry alarm clock, meaning Minchie.

  18. Our mum doesn’t appreciate my alarm call either when I walk across her head and give her a scalp massage to help her get up.

  19. We also do not understand that on certain days
    Mom does not get up at the proper time,but later 😮
    We kitties are important and we thing our beans should
    treat us accordingly 😉
    After all, they have been waiting all Winter for Spring,heeee
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  20. Mum is so much better on getting up on sunny days. Cloudy, dark days, furry hard to get her out of the sleepy spot.

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