Tabby Tuesday

There is way too much going on. Not only do I have to keep an eye on Ichiro who is bigger than I am now (he is even bigger than Chey or me plus my furs!) I have to keep an eye on the intruder man who is doing bathrooms.  Now this intruder man is walking through MY bedroom while I am hiding in my closet.   I do not like this and I tell Momma when I wake her up in the morning.  I wake her earlier than ever so I can get my scritches in.

Now there is another person here too and she is staying in my other bedroom so I cannot run and hide in there.   I think they should have waited to do all of this stuff as it is too much. And today, Momma won’t be around at all to protect me because she is going to do some work for someone else.

I am having a no good very bad week and I am not a happy cat.


  1. That IS too much! Time to play Mystery Malady”, involving yak and 3 AM yodeling.

  2. You have WAY too much stuff going on in your house, Gemini! Your human is guilty of really bad planning here! Daily tongue lashings are the least you should give her!

  3. Call PETA. Thare is no reezin yoo shood have to put up with this abyoose. Heer is whut I wood do if I were yoo:

    1) Git rid of Ichiro
    2) Pee on the humans’ pillows
    3) Herl into the woman’s best shooz.
    4) Yoo cannot wake the woman up too erly. Or late. Once an hour during the nite shood do the trik.
    5) Talk Chey into sitting her big booty down on the woman wile she’s sleeping. This shood purrvide enuf amyoozement to take yer mind off yer trubbles.

    Ichiro is bigger than Chey???? SRSLY??????

  4. This definitely calls for an inquiry from the ASPCA! Introoders PLUS a visitor taking up your only hiding space?

    You can teleport over here!

  5. Oh poor Gemini. We hope yoo get some peace today.

  6. Boy Gemini, that is a lot to handle all at one time, I sure hope it calms down for you!

  7. Oh Gemini, that truly is a lot to deal with. It deserves lots of extra attention, cuddles and treats.

    The Chans

  8. Tell Chey that win I realized it was Fat Toozday, I thot of her.


  9. You can all come stay with us fer a few days. There are lots of places ta nap, stinky goodness 3 times a day plus treats. And scritches…

  10. Hey, Gemini, why don’t you teleport over here? We have some very nice, dark closets you can hide in until everything is back to normal in your house.

  11. It is not nice to have everything going on. We hope it soon quietens down for you again.

  12. Oh Gemini! We feel so bad for you because there’s so much stuff going on at your house! We don’t want you to be unhappy!!

  13. were sorry yur bein all disruppted Gemini. hopefully itll be done soon. until then hide real gud.

  14. Oh dear oh dear Miss Gemini
    You should teleport over andvstay with me until all of this construction is over.
    My Internet is intermittent so I may be absent depending upon what happens but I will be purring very hard for you.

    Your boyfriend cat

  15. Poor darling. You can come over here and hide under the bed with Target.

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