Sunday Guest Star: The Poupounette

This one took a bit of doing.   Simba guessed I was in Asia.   The Chans and friends knew I was not in Japan and suggested that based on the architecture I was in Western China or in one of the stans.  Momo came by and agreed with them. Yes, this was another place Momo suggested I visit.

The Chans, with a couple of hints found me, saying, “We think (hope!) we got it!!! Is it the mausoleum of the Hami Uygur kings in Xinjiang Province?” and that is where I was!

It is the Royal Mausoleum and there is some royalty there. I was wondering if I were related to any of them.

This one stumped ‘Kaika but he did go around and find out a little more, “Concats, Chans! Glad you were found, Chey! (I didn’t focus on the older buildings where you actually were, duhr … I was looking at the Uygur Mosque in the background. Here’s a link to pictures: )”

To answer Cory’s question, no I did not see any dead people.  It was quite too lovely out for them to go wandering.  The flowers were nice, the sun was shining and there was no Ichiro!  Good job to all the cats who kept after it and found me!  And thanks to Momo and his friends for some great places to visit. I have some more coming up… but I might have to mix things up having said that…


  1. We so enjoy guessing all these pawsome places that you visit. Wud be willing to consider taking guests (meaning US!) with you on a few trips???

  2. Good that you were found but the place is very peaceful and quite nice to hang out for a while.

  3. Thanks for introducing us to this place. Very interesting.Again, concats to the Chans!

  4. We are thrilled to bits to have been able to figure this one out. #1 thinks it’s pretty funny that we could figure out Uygur tombs but we can never figure out locations in the Pacific Northwest…

    Have a great Sunday!

    The Chans (and the rest of the Gang too!)

  5. We were totally stumped!! But we’re glad the Chans found you! Congrats to them!!

  6. We’re glad you don’t have to wait for us to find you since you would never get home!!

    ConCats tot he Chans!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Concats to the smart Poupounette gang!

    Glad you didn’t see any dead people Chey…that would have been freaky!

  8. Chey, we are happy you were found and did not see any
    dead people 😮
    Now that you are back home, have a fun Sunday 🙂

    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  9. So it wasn’t the local chinese food place? Dang we wanted shrimps!

  10. Concats to the Poupounette gang!

    Wow that was a toughie.

    Helllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat
    Ping (who is in deep trouble today again)

  11. Such beautiful and smart friends they are fur sure, I’m impressed!

  12. So glad you were found again, Chey.

  13. Concats to the Chans, and we do know that you are royalty Chey, so you are most definitely related!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  14. Concats to the Poupounette.

  15. Very lovely~~~

  16. So glad you were found and Ichiro wasn’t hiding in the bushes to ambush you!

  17. We never ever guess where you are…and Teri’s no help at all. But those kitties at The Poupounette are world travelers, we can see that!

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