Mancat Meezer Monday Mouth

Momma caught me trying to eat the step stool she was using to stand on to paint. I was just hoping that if I ate it, she would have to stop painting.

She was impressed with the size of my teeth and how wide I could open my mouth.

I mean of course I can open my mouth that wide.  I chew on Chey as often as I can!

Now I am going to sing and purr as loudly as I can with my big mouth for our good friend Praline.


  1. My what BIG Teeth you have Ichiro!! We hope you haven’t eaten Chey or anything like that!! Hehehehehehe!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  2. Erm … so wot’s yoor nick name? Is it BIG MOUTH? MOL!

  3. Ichiro, you are a strange one.

  4. Wow, Ichiro! We hope you didn’t hurt your teefs on that step stool!!

  5. Oh, my…! We’re not sure of the appeal of the step-stool, but there’s no question that your teeth are impressive!

  6. when you’re done wif that can you come and help me eat the loveseat? – Nicky

  7. Ichiro…you are weird. Really, why waste time eating a step stool when you could be eating things like cheese?

    Cute…but weird!

  8. Did it taste like Chicken??? We’re all purring for that special Sweet Praline too.

  9. Are you sharpening those furocious teeth of yours Ichiro?

  10. Way to go Ichiro!
    Now that is a mancat munch!

    Our purrs for Praline too.

    Helllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  11. That’s an impressive bite…

  12. Wow Ichiro, we are glad that you weren’t able to eat that step stool, that would taste really icky! But our Momma is impressed that your Mom was painting, ours hates doing that … hee hee! We have been purring and purraying so hard for Praline too, we don’t want her to be sick.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Be careful about yer teeth Ichiro! Stepstools are too hard. Painting is hard ta prevent. Ya cant eat the ladder, ya cant drink up the paint, an ya cant even smear the wall paint (it dries on yer paws). Better just help Mom finish quick!

  14. Yikes!!!!!!
    That is wide,heehee
    Did the handle taste good ?
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  15. Dat does not sound like it taste good. MOL
    Sanjee and tha rests tha Hotties

  16. That doesn’t look very tasty.

  17. You are a feline Jaws, Ichiro.

  18. Couldn’t you find something tastier to but the bitey on? No explaining some kitties antics! We are purring for Sweet P, too…

  19. Wow! Thank you for using that big mouth to purr for me!

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