Mancat Meezer Monday

Wow!  What a weekend!  Can’t you see how shocked I am.  Union protests in Wisconsin, the earthquake in Japan and all sorts of stuff happened.

But what really shocked me?  It’s our 1500th post!  Can you believe it?




  1. That’s fantastic! 1500 posts is phenomenal! Of course, us Cats always have so much to say. And so wise, too.

  2. Congratulations on 1500 posts! Ichiro, I love that picture of you. Your eyes are so blue and wide.

  3. Wow, that is a LOT of posts! Concatulations on the milestone!

  4. Whoa, dood! This calls for crunchy treats!

  5. Congratulations on 1500 posts! I can’t believe Chey let you announce this! MOL

  6. Does Chey know yoo are announcing this? Just asking! Congratulations to yoo all!

  7. Oah!!!
    1500th post!!!!

  8. ConCatulations on 1500 posts!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Wow, 1500 posts? That’s amazing, congratulations! Here’s to another 1500 and more!

  10. concatulations on your 1500th post! it was a shocking weekend – so much sadness in Japan

  11. Concatulations on 1500 posts!

    Mom is ready to smooch your sweet face Ichiro. Better watch out!

  12. Wow, Happy 1500!!! Them paws been busy!

  13. Wow 1500! ConCATs!! We will never make it that far with how lazy our the mom is.

    Fank yoo fer letting us know that Sparkle has some info on Cat Island.

  14. Wowee Ichiro, 1500 posts is pawsome! What did Chey have to think about you announcing this instead of her?
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  15. Big concatulations on 1500 posts.

  16. *woo hoo*
    Concats on your 1500th posting!
    That is catastic!!
    (we’re coming up to 2000!)

    Helllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  17. You look totally electrificated, Ichiro!

    Congrats on 1500 posts. That’s awesome!

  18. Concats on the 1,500th post! Thats a lot. We know; we just reached that mark earlier this month! And we had fun going back and re-reading your 1st year’s posts…

  19. Concats on 1500 posts!

  20. WOW! That’s a LOT of typin’!

  21. Congrats on 1500 posts!!!!!!!!
    That sure is a lot 😉
    Ready to do it again??
    We hope so.

    Purrs Georgia & Tillie,Tiger
    Treasure and JoyJoy

  22. Holy moly! That’s a lot of posts!! Congrats on reaching this milestone!!

  23. Yep, we can believe it.

  24. concats on 1500 posts. yoo do luk shocked thar Ichiro.

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