Losing Your Siamese

The loss of a pet can be hard, no matter what the reason. Siamese cats can be very long lived, which means if you’ve had your Siamese for 20 years, then they’ve definitely become as much a part of the family as any human member. With their decidedly distinctive personality and talkative nature, perhaps more so! However, the human life expectancy is an average of 72 years or so and a Siamese is only 16 years or so (officially). There are many Siamese who live to be 20 or 25, but it’s not the average.

At some point you Siamese will age and start looking like an old cat. They may not play as much and prefer to lie in the sun rather than chase after birds. They may not eat as much but drink more water. All of these are signs that their bodies are no longer functioning as well as they could. It is up to you to recognize your cat’s failing health and take the appropriate steps.

Some people want their Siamese to die at home, naturally as they can’t abide the thought of making that decision. Other people may need to make the decision to euthanize the pet. Each choice, like each cat, is individual. If you are thinking of the decision, the most important thing is to think about whether the cat is happy and content or if they are suffering. Suffering should not be prolonged. Your veterinarian is the best person to help you recognize the point at which your cat is suffering.

However, what do you do once your cat has crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”? This can be hard. Often friends and family, though well meaning may attempt to trivialize the loss, saying things like “He was just a cat!” or “Well at least you can get another one,” without realizing that cats are as individual as humans and the bond that runs between you is strong. Other cat owners can be very helpful at this time as they often understand how hard it is to loose a pet.

Your veterinarian may know of local area support groups and it might be helpful to visit one. You can talk to a professional if you feel no one else can understand.

Finding an outlet for your grief can be helpful. Creating a small memorial for your beloved Siamese might help. There are many places that will make a plaque for your garden or a special wall. Often people find planting a special evergreen plant is helpful. Online, you can create a memorial through the Rainbow Bridge. You can puruse other people’s memorials for ideas and perhaps take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your grief. Other people have found it helpful to make a donation to an animal shelter. Best Friends is a wonderful shelter which accepts memorial donations.

Talk to people. Creating something for yourself or reaching out through online forums and through the Rainbow Bridge can be therapeutic but nothing beats reaching out to those closest to you and talking about your grief. If your family doesn’t undertand, really look around for a group. Again, your veterinarian’s office can be invaluable at this time.

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