Feeding Your Siamese

What to eat and what to buy for cat food can be a tough choice. There are so many options and so much contradictory information. Siamese, like all cats are true carnivores, which means they must have animal protein in their diets and they do best on a fairly high fat diet.

As a human alternative healthcare provider, we purchase mostly human quality, organic food products. Preservatives and fillers have no place in a regular diet. We feed a variety of foods, although vets typically recommend against this. However as every food is made differently, if one food is deficient in something, the other food may not be.

There are feline nutritionists who believe in an evolutionary diet that is primarily protein. If you wish to do this, you can purchase a quality animal protein from a freezer section and add some vitamin type supplements to the food. The cat is then eating more like the cats of ancient times. There are also some evolutionary diets that are pre-formulated into both canned and dry food for cats, which is also supposed to mimic the diets of ancient cats.

I have read online about feeding cats LIVE food, feeling that such a diet is a more natural diet because cats are hunters. Before you decide this is best, it is important to realize that it is the mother cat who teaches kittens to kill. If a kitten misses this important time frame, they may play with a small rodent or bird mercilessly before killing it and killing may happen more accidentally than intentionally. If you choose this diet, be sure your kitten understands that at the end of a hunt,they kill the prey quickly.

Dry foods and canned foods go in and out of favor. Humans tend to prefer dry foods as it’s more convenient. Cats, of course, love wet food. Cats don’t drink a lot of water and so a diet heavy in canned food offers an easy way to stay well hydrated. This can be important as a cat grows older and needs more fluid in their body.

Diets should be chosen with the age of the Siamese in mind. Kittens need more calories. Elderly cats fewer. Elderly cats also do better on a lower protein diet (though this too has been argued). Most commercial pet foods offer different foods for different stages.

Remember when feeding cats in multiple cat households to be sure that everyone gets food. This may require having several food dishes scattered around so everyone can have their own space. Locking a piggy cat or a slower eating in a separate room can allow each cat to eat at their own pace.

Always feed your Siamese the highest quality food you can afford! Siamese are a highly muscled, athletic cat and need a high quality, high protein cat food. Our favorites are here.

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