Wednesdays With Cheysuli

I am here to invite all my snowed in friends to join me.  It’s a bit chilly here so you might need to cuddle but we have no snow and not even any rain in the forecast until Friday.

I have the heatdish and the gas fireplace in case we need to snuggle with that.  There is plenty of sun in the Master Bedroom and you can lie on the Male’s side.  The Woman’s side is MINE.   Oh and Ichiro thinks it’s his so he might sit on your head.  I can only hope.

While I am not sharing fishy flakes, the Woman has purchased extra.  We also have ham and tuna and chicken and all sorts of great treats.  We even have some warm catnip tea.   Enjoy!


  1. Wow, it’s mighty nice of you to invite us all over like that and to have stocked up on extra treats. We don’t have bad weather here, but if we did I might have taken you up on your offer.

  2. If we are still having snow after we go to Florida, we will swing by, but right now I don’t want any COLD, I want warm, warm, warm!



  3. I can hardly see yer hed in that foto with yer big booty covering it. Boy, I pity the cat coming between yoo and yer treets!

  4. If you fancy 107F, you can all head to my place. The garden is all yours; I am staying in the cool bathroom.

  5. We are ready to come Visit you!! It is cold here and your place sounds warmer!! Clementine will give Ichiro a run for his life!! She loves to play attack cat!!
    ((((HUGGGSSSS))))))))) from your TX furiends,

  6. If you run out of space, Chey, send ’em down here! We have sun and although it is a bit chilly for my tastes, it is in the 60s, which I’m sure suits everyone else just fine.

  7. its a snuggle slumber party!

  8. We habn’t got snow ~ but can we come and visit ennyway?

  9. Fabulous invite! We’ll teleport over, since we’re having a blizzard today and could use all the warmth we can get!

  10. Sounds very inviting. Beam me over, Scotty!

  11. That sounds like a good time. I think it might be fun to have Ichiro sit on Ginger’s head…or it might be fun to hear her complain about it! We can bring some cheese and some nip for the party.

  12. Chey, we’re gonna be cuddling with our mom because she got to stay home from work because of all the snow. But we know she’s gonna get tired of us crawling all over her so when she does, we’re gonna teleport over. Besides, we can’t turn down fishy flakes!!

  13. Sounds lovely, Chey!

  14. You are so swweet~~~

  15. I’m on my way for the snuggle day!

  16. We don’t have snow but we have lots of rain, so we would like to join you if that is okay.

  17. Sounds great, Chey, but I’m not sure how the boogie mats will make it through the storm! Thanks for the invite, though — sounds like lots of fun.

  18. That is so good of you ta offer space ta the snowed-in kitties. We missed the snow here, so we are probly stayin home. But we also dont have anny sun, so we might pop over in daytime.

  19. Hi! Mommy really wants to come and cuddle with you!!!!! Cute picture!

  20. Thanks for the invite, Chey. We’ll be right over!

  21. Oh can I snuggle up to you Miss Gemini?

    your boyfriendcat

  22. Hi Chey, our area is totally iced over and now we have wind! Phil the groundhog predicted a early spring….we really hope he is right=^Y^=

  23. Gosh we had a sunny day after the snow, but no fishy flakes and no fireplace. Ahhh, heat!

  24. yur so lucky. its only cold here. so cold tha beans wont let tha pups go owt fur very long.

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