Wednesdays with Chey

I think that they should rename this day to something that starts with a C so it alliterates better with my name.   I’m sure that everyone could remember to call Wednesday “Cheysday” instead don’t you?

I am quite pleased with the photo in the sun.   Tuesday we had snow.  Not like those cats in the East or Midwest but certainly we finally got some and it was wet and messy and of course it happens at least twice a winter so that no one knows what to do.

The Woman was quite embarrassed yesterday.  She has been worrying about Gemini not eating.   Well the brat has been eating something.  After taking her into the vet (she gave my name and they knew EXACTLY who they were talking to and got her in right away) she found out that Gemini has gained 6 ounces.  Of course she meowed all night but that could be stress from having an intruder here for so long working on the bathroom.  It’s just the Male’s bath so who cares about it. I can’t wait to see the bath colored after ME.


  1. Give The Woman a brake. She probly just thinks Gemini looks skinny win compared to yoo and yer big bootay. It’s an honest mistake.

  2. Cheyday is a great name for Wednesday Chey – totally agree! Oh, and you look SO handsome on that picture! Glad Gemini is alright!

  3. We’re glad Gemini is okay. Moms worry a lot but we guess it’s a good thing for us.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. You look quite contented in that sunspot.

    I’m glad Gemini is okay. My mom knows how your mom feels, except, I actually lost those 6 ounces.

  5. We like the sound of Cheysday…Chey, you really look like your liking that sun!! And we’re glad Gemini gained a little weight! We wonder what she’s sneak eating?? Maybe she’s ordering pizza in the middle of the night!!

  6. You do look blissed-out in that sun puddle!

    Glad Gemini actually has gained a bit of weight…unless she had a full bladder? LOL. Moms are paranoid, sometimes you just have to cut them some slack or their heads will explode with worry.

  7. We vote for “Cheysday”! You look great in the sunshine!!! Gemini gained weight? Well, that is good. Mommy is trying to get the BoySS to lose some weight!

  8. Cheyday is perfect!
    Oh Miss Gemini that fur hid that teeny tiny weight gain!
    It is a gorgeous day here, would you like to enjoy some sun and squirrel watching with me?

    Your boyfriend cat

  9. Cheysday sounds good to us. Mums do worry a lot. I got stuffed into the PTU on Friday and taken to the vet because she thought my lump had got bigger. It was okay though.

  10. Good idea, instead of Wordless Wednesday we could have Chatty Cheyday!

  11. I’m up for a change in the name. I’m tired of the same old days of the week. But then, maybe efurry day should be Cheysday! Have you ever thought of that!

    Good to know that Gemini has gained some weight behind her mama’s back!

  12. That is a fabulous picture of you in the sun!
    Hope you get to the bottom of Gemini’s problems soon!

  13. Hi Chey! We think that is a good idea to have Cheysday – we will try to chance our mom’s calendars to say that. And we think you look great in the picture!

    And well, we think your a bit hard on the woman – Gemini not eating is not good, so it was better to be safe then sorry. Sure, it turned out she was eating but still, better to check.

  14. Well Chey, since “Wednesday” comes from “Woden’s Day you would have to be able to throw lightning bolts, hold all the other Godesses and Gods from the sky an stuff like that. Is it really worth all the effort? We mean, isn’t nappin in sunpuddles easier?

    Meanwhile, we are glad the bath is colored after ya. Ours is tan like us and, so, purrfect!

    Ayla and Iza

  15. Cheysday has a certain something about it. Poor Gemini to be taken to the vet – for nothing! Meow, we feel for her. Nice to see her fatten up a bit though.

  16. We wish we had sun – it looks so nice! Can we come over and share sum wif yoo? We’s glad Gemini is ok.

  17. Gemini is fine makes all of us happy, too~!

  18. Chey, there is something about your chocolate nose in the sunbeams that’s making mom a bit woozy…

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