Wednesday With Chey

So there I was, sitting in the sun and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any sun and all of a sudden the Woman starts taking photos.  How would you react?


  1. Hehehehehehe!!! Good job of telling your Human what you feel about the camera!!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. Way to go, Chey. You tell her!

  3. THAT is pretty much how I would react!

  4. We are soooo happy to finally see the sun and guess what,…….that’s what our blog is about today….sun, sun, sun, here it comes=^Y^=

  5. How norty! We have the same problem!

  6. Very funny, Chey! Enjoy that sun!

  7. Yeah, the raspberry was the purrfect choice…

  8. yeah, I would stick mine tongue out too

  9. I think you covered it quite nicely!

  10. Nice one Chey…trouble is, when I do that I sometimes forget to put my tongue back in my mouth which results in even MORE photos.

  11. She was definitely asking for a tongue at her, for sure.

  12. Hi Chey! We have missed you while mom was in blog exile! We think you are so lucky to have some sun to sit in – and we can’t believe your mom interrupted you enjoying it! We woudl have stuck our tongues out too if it happened to us!!

  13. I probably would have turned around and shown her my asterisk, but the tongue works…

  14. The raspberry is exactly what she deserves!

  15. Hahahaha! Way to go, Chey!!

    Hey, if you can spare any sun, send some our way. We’re freezing to death here!


  16. The sun feels sooooo good when it appears!

  17. A raspberry is the perfect editorial comment!

  18. A simple, easy gesture that expresses SO much!

  19. That is the only way to react that is sure to get your message across.

  20. Good one, Chey! You let your Mom know who is really in charge.

    Actually, I love seeing your little pink tongue, so that was a good move in more than one way.

  21. We agree with the raspberry Chey.
    First day of sunny beams and out pops the camera…UGH!

    Helllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  22. Good one, Chey. The purrfect response.

  23. You look very comfy and good, Chey~

  24. That was a good response!

  25. Hi Chey! Yeah… The sun hasn’t been around much lately, has it? Franky, I would be annoyed too… That is a cute and polite tongue tho.

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