Thankful Thursday

Well look at this lovely ribbon they gave me for going to the cat show!

I’m quite thankful that I got to go with the Woman.   Of course everyone knew what a treasure I was.

I’m thankful that in the master bathroom that is not being remodeled yet–they are doing the guest bath first, the Woman was holding up paint chip cards to see which matched my eyes best.   The tile will be beige shot through with some blues and then there is a blue blind on the window.   She is going to be sure this bathroom matches me–because it is the bathroom she will use most.   I am so thrilled.

Oh but I am most certainly not pleased with the fact that Ichiro’s Monday post got more comments than my Wednesday post…


  1. Don’t worry about the comments Chey…mom says she always has more energy on Monday to help me visit and comment…and by Wednesday she’s “tired” and “overworked” and can barely help me to read my pals blogs…sigh. I’m guessing it might be the same with the other kitties too…we must figure out a way to get all CB humans to be independently wealthy so they no longer have to work and can serve us full time.

  2. We are pretty sure we will never ever have a bathroom designed after us. You are VERY lucky!

    That is a spectacular ribbon!

  3. Wooohoooo!!! A ribbon for you!! How appropriate
    Don’t worry about the comments. You know we love you!

  4. Hmph! My human has no remodeling plans here and I think these bathrooms could totally match my fur WAY better!

  5. Well done on the ribbon. Don’t worry abowt the comments ~ yoo’re still TopCat!

  6. That’s some ribbon, Chey!! We know that bathroom will be beautiful if it is the color of your eyes!! And don’t forget, Monday was Valentine’s Day and everybuddy was commenting…that’s the only reason why Ichiro got more!!

  7. Concats on that beautiful ribbon Chey! Ichiro cheated because Mancat Monday was also on the same day as Valentine’s Day.

  8. We don’t always get around to all of our pals blogs either. Mom spends too much time on the Evil Facebook!! We’re taking that into consideration on her purr-fur-mance review.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Your Mom is remodeling your house to match YOU?!! We need to have a talk with our Mommy. Soon!

  10. That’s a beautiful ribbon, Chey! Very well deserved!

    The Chans

  11. Just look at that beautiful ribbon!!! You don’t just get those for comments!

  12. that ia a beyootiful ribbon yoo won thar Chey

  13. That is a lovely ribbon that you got at the cat show. Your bathroom will look lovely in beige with blue. Do you think our mum may do ours in orange?

  14. Super ribbon Chey!
    Wow the bathroom is being remodeled after you? Now that something special.
    What room is getting remodeled for you Dear Sweet Gemini?

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Concats on your ribbon!

  16. You are an inspiration for artists everywhere, Chey. Thanks for the purrs. Au ate again so we’re hoping he’s on an upswing. Just like Gemini when she was up and down. That seems so long ago! We really appreciate your support.

  17. Wonderful on the ribbon and the bathroom being designed to match your beautiful eyes. Don’t worry about the comments; I think the mom and dad beans out there are trying to spend extra time with us kitties since the Annual Purrfurmance Review is due tomorrow.

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