Thankful Thursday

Well I am thankful that I had a lot of friends come by and spend time with me yesterday.   We’ve not had hideous weather here though it is supposed to rain again tomorrow.    I thought it would be a treat for everyone to get away from the snow and enjoy the sunshine we had here.  Oh and yes, everyone was welcome.  The more the merrier when it comes to the snuggle pile and keeping Ichiro occupied!

The Woman and her flash were too far away to make this a really good shot but she wanted to show both of us sitting on her printer the other evening.  It is hard to believe there is room for both of us, with Ichiro getting as big as he is.  Pretty soon I can saddle him up and go for a ride. Heck, the Woman can saddle him up and go for a ride!

She thought he grew while she was gone to the cat show this weekend. She is probably right. Not only does she get me a cat that I don’t want, she has to get me a BIG cat.


  1. Ha, ha, that brings quite a picture to mind, Chey. And Ichiro does look quite fearless with his laser eyes.

  2. Um…uh…Chey? I hate to be the bearer of bad meows…but Figaro showed up here when he was about 9 months old or so and he was 8 pounds or so. Now he’s 1 1/2 years old and he’s a honking huge 14+ pounds. I think Ichiro has just begun to grow.


  3. You are right, Chey – Ichiro is big! Maybe too big! You’d better make your human go out and get that saddle!

  4. beautiful photo !!

  5. Well we hafta admit, Ichiro is getting BIG! Maybe yoo could ask for a refund?

  6. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Yes, we think he still has a lot of growing to do! Kinda scary, huh? 😛

    BTW, re: your comment on our Fuzzy Tales post: “I’m thinking you might need to move that garden indoors for a bit… ”

    The mom is thinking she should just pack us all up and move somewhere warmer, never mind moving the garden in. LOL.

  7. Just remember Chey, the bigger they are,…the easier they are to whap!

  8. Hey Chey, we have nice saddles here in Texas… wanna us to look one up for you? I am not sure how Ichiro would like that, but I am guessing with enough treats and a clicker you might be able to train him, hehe! Do you think Bugsy can ride him too? Bugsy is huge, you know? Kidding… That would be mean! ha ha!
    We love you too Ichi!

  9. Ichiro
    You are going to be the big man in the house, but I do think no matter what your size you’d better listen to both Chey and Gemini.

    Helllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.

    your boyfriendcat

  10. The sun and warm was lovely. Can we come again soon please?

  11. Thats how I felt about Iza. I got a little sister I dint want and now she TWICE my size. Now I got Marley, an The Big Thing says he may get THREE times my size! One of them is gonna mistake me fer a skwerrel one day and I’ll be gone…


  12. Can we go for a ride on Ichiro too?

  13. We like the laser eyes, Chey…maybe you could use them on Ichiro…just be careful he doesn’t use his on you!!

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