Tabby Tuesday

Well I can talk about me this week.  Except that there is not a lot to say. Last week, on Tuesday morning I meowed all night. Between that and what Momma thought was me not eating much she took me to the vet.   The vet lady found that I had gained 6 ounces so Momma felt dumb. But they did give her a remedy for me and so she gave it to me and I have not meowed all night again.

The vet lady thinks it is because I am distressed from the intruder building the bathroom. He is almost done with the guest bath but it will get worse because on Wednesday he will start on the master bath and I hide in the closet of the master bedroom, which means he will be RIGHT THERE where I am. I do not think I will like that.  Momma said it would be for about two weeks.  And she will move me into the spare bedroom so I can hide under that bed and feel safer.

I guess I had a lot to say after all.

Oh oops.. Happy Birthday Chey…?


  1. Um uh…is it Chey’s birthday? I mean Gemini, I’m sorry you are distressed over the bathroom stuff, but can you imagine how hissed off Chey will be when she figures out you took over her birthday post?

    Tell Chey I’ll try and score her some prosciutto in Paris.


    Cory, reporting from her iPaw somewhere over France

  2. Happy Birthday Chey

    Pixel and Samba

  3. Um yeah, what Cory said. If it’s Chey’s birthday, somebody (i.e. your human) is slacking off and you aren’t helping, Gemini! I am glad I am not at your house – things are bound to get loud there, and I am not talking about the workman human.

  4. Oah Wowww~~
    Happy Birthday Chey~!
    And you are a good sister~~ You remember!!

  5. I’m happy you found a meowing remedy, Miss Gemini. I should get some of that for Tanith. She meows at night sometimes — very annoying!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Chey!

  6. Gemini, I am sorry you have to put up with the bathroom remodelller being there. But I am sure the humans will enjoy the new bathrooms.

    Mom would like to know what the remedy is that the vet gave you, and whether your Momma thinks it would help my cousin Audrey who wakes her Mom so much at night. Because it looks like Audrey will be coming to live with us and so the night time waking thing will become OUR problem soon.

  7. Oh, and happy Birthday to Chey!

  8. Gemini, we hope yoo feel better soon! And please wish Chey a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us! Where’s the party?

  9. I am really sorry that the workman is disturbing you so much, Gemini. I am glad that the remedy is helping you. Happy Birthday, Chey!

  10. Happy Birthday Chey!!!
    We are glad you have put on some weight Gemini. I don’t like introoders either, but Eric has to make friends with everybody.

  11. I know Gemini, that stress can do weird things to us! Happy Birthday sweet Chey!!!

  12. Happy Birthday gorgeous Chey!…We hope you get lots of treats and cuddles today; wishing you great health and joy!…Glad to hear your problem is temporary, beautiful Gemini and hope you start feeling better soon…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki


    Poor Gemini! It all sounds very stressful for you. But we do love today’s photo!

    The Chans

  14. Gemini, we don’t like introoder work guys in our house either and it always stresses us a little bit when they are here. You just hide under the bed and you’ll be okay.

    And it’s Chey’s birthday?? Happy Birthday, Chey!! We bring you some HAM!!

  15. We’d be distressed, too, with an introoder in our house and all the noise and chaos!

    A very happy birthday to Chey; we hope it’s a great birthday!

  16. Gemini, we sure hope that the intruder gets his work done quickly … we don’t like the fact that you are stressed out over this.

    And Happy Happy Birthday Chey, we hope you get lots of lovin’ and lots of treat on your special day!

    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon (and Momma Jan too)

  17. you was prolly hollering all night ‘acause you wanted help in planning chey’s surprise party?

  18. Gemini, we think you should hide under the bed, that is what we do!!!


  19. I always hide when some strange person is in our house, too!

    Please tell Chey we Crew members wish her a happy purrthday.

    Your friend,

  20. We came by to wish Chey a Happy Birthday!

    We’re sorry this building is distressing you. We think you will be happy in the spare bedroom while they work on the master bath. And then it will finally be quiet and you can de-stress.

  21. Oh, Gemini! I would be distressed too! I have found hidey holes all over the house, in almost every room. Some of them are even in plain sight, but so unexpected, if I stay still, no one can find me (it helps if I cover my eyes).

    Maybe you and I should spend some time under the bed while Victor and Chey make a fuss over their mutual purrthday! I don’t know what I’m going to do with that mancat, poking and nibbling on me whenever he feels like it. Well, Hippo Birdie to Chey and you might try some mindfulness meditation to help with your anxiety (I read that on a flier Mom brought home for the boy).

  22. Chey…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Miss Gemini, we hate strangers too. Except The Baby. She’s a Ho.

  23. Miss Gemini
    YOU can always come and stay here with me. WE don’t have any strange noises, except last night out of the blue there was a lot of thunder and LIGHTENING!
    Made all of us except Abby scared. (Abby isn’t afraid of anything)
    But we’re going to have gorgeous outdoor weather for well…for a long time now that spring is here.

    Happy purrday Chey!

    your boyfriendcat

  24. We don’t like strange people in our house either Gemini!! A


    Your TX furiends,

  25. Most of us agree with you Gemini – we hate intruders (except Virgil who is fascinated by them and if they have tools he wants to steal them). We hope moving to the guest room works out for you!

    And Happy Birthday Chey! We hope you are having a good one! We are going to sing you our favorite birthday song!

    What day is today?
    It’s Chey’s Birthday!
    What a day for a Birthday!!
    Let’s all have some cake!!

    We hope you have a wonderful, fun, treat filled day!

  26. Well, first of all, Happy Birthday, Chey! You see, Gemini, you even got the post when it was Chey’s birthday. I hope that reassures you.

    I’m sure this is very unpleasant for you with intruders lurking about and making all kinds of loud noise. Maybe mommy needs to get you some earplugs or something, as well as moving you to the spare room.

  27. Happy Birthday to Chey!

    Gemini, we hope things quiet down soon. We don’t like introoders either. They came and stole one of our bathrooms once too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  28. Don’t our moms know it’s okay with us to live with what is already there and not have those loud introoders invading our space?

  29. Happy Birthday Chey!!! Not fair to have to turn the blog over on your birthday, is it?
    Introoders are NOT welcome. Kick them out.

  30. I wouldn’t like that either, Gemini! Don’t be scared tho—the introoder oughta know you’re giving a favor by lettin’ him YOU domain.

    Hope your Mom give you lotsa yum yum treats to help you over your distress!!


    Happy Birthday, Chey!

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